Mr. Vu Honor Class

A look at Mr. Vu's activity in his 5th grade classroom

A brief Introduction to Mr. Vu

My real full name is An Vu. I have a bachelor in EC-6 Generalist and have had more than 5 years of being a tutor for elementary kids prior to teaching this classroom. In my free time I would like to prepare my lesson plans for the kids, I also run and do sports for fun. The main reason I want to teach in 6th grade is because I myself know that this could be a critical phase for the coming of age and I would like to help the students as mush as possible before parting them to middle school.

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Classroom must be a fun place to learn!

As opposed to many teachers I want my kids to have as much freedom as they can in my classrooms. Though all the power remains in the teacher's hands I want to create an environment where my students feel empowered and motivated to learn. All the activities in class will be linked and are designed in a way that make them feel like they are a part of the classroom where everyone must work with each other to succeed and have fun.

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A game that made students think!

This week we had our first use of the computer station so I decided that we could start things off with a fun and educational game. The game resembles the old Pac Man but requires much more calculations and the use of motor skills. I came to the conclusion that even though it was just a game, it succeeded in getting the kids acquainted with modern technology while remained to be highly effective in teaching them new math concepts.

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Who said P.E is not educational?

For next week when we have use of our gym I would like the students to learn the concept of bases and balances. The activity will provide them with plenty of exercise to strengthen their bodies as well as a general understanding of how and why different types of animals can balance and can achieve different feats. This activity is also in purpose to prepare them for another activity later on this week.

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Learning about animals.

To follow up to last week's physical exercise is an assignment where the students have to make use of the computer station to make a poster of their favorite wild animals. The poster is to include funny and educational facts to share with the classroom. In addition, the students are also required to add another interesting fact to another group's poster on that animal.

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