Wanted: Platinum

Luke Laster

Wanted for:

  • Medical purposes, such as cancer treatments
  • Jewelry production
  • Being one of the most precious metals

Also known as:

  • Comes from the Spanish word platina, which means little silver.


  • It is element #78 on the periodic table
  • 78 protons
  • 116-120 neutrons
  • 78 electrons
  • It is a metal, and very malleable, ductile,nonmagnetic, and it conducts heat and electricity
  • It appears grey-white in color
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First spotted:

Antonio de Ulloa, a Spanish general, believes to have had the first sighting of platinum in 1735, when he travelled through Colombia. It was detained in 1741 when it was isolated by being dissolved in aqua regia. However, it has been used by ancient people as far back as 700 BCE.

Most recently spotted:

  • On the periodic table, in group 10
  • Being used for jewelry and medical purposes
  • In streams in South Africa


Platinum in metal form is not dangerous, but many non metal forms of platinum are very dangerous. If not handled carefully, platinum can cause health problems or toxicity.

Known assosciates of platinum

  • Ruthenium
  • Rodium
  • Palladium
  • Osmium
  • Iridium