Over Population Pollution Acid Rain

Ashley Bartlett, Helan Thomas, Eduardo Berumen

Essential Question

What impact has overpopulation have on Europe and is there a solution?

Impact of Overpopulation

Humans have altered the flora(flowers,plants,trees) and fauna(animals) of the earth, by cutting down trees and using up so many natural resources, especially in Europe where natural resources are very abundant. Overpopulation also causes pollution from all the vehicles and factories we use every single, all the pollution is creating toxic waters and acid rain, which destroys crops.

Over population (Forests)

The effect of overpopulation creates mass production which creates industrialization which requires land to build factories and power plants which causes species to become extinct from cutting down trees and forests in need of space.

Overpopulation----> Mass Production---->Industrialization----> Factories/ PowerPlants ---> Space ---->Cutting down Trees/Forests----> Species become Extinct

Fun Fact (:

In 2009, there were about 47,677 species in the IUCN ( International Union for the Conservation of Nature) red list of threatened species, from which about 17,000 species faced the threat of extinction.

Acid Rain- Tree's and Plants

When acid rains is soaked into the ground it strip away the vital nutrients the trees and plants need to grow and survive creating a threat to forest growth and productivity.

Fun Fact (:

In the White Mountains in New Hampshire and the Green Mountains in Vermont, 50% of the red spruce trees have died the past 25 years due to Acid Rain.

Can Overpopulation be Solved?

One of the only yet unreasonable solutions to end overpopulation in Europe is to reduce the birthrate. However, in order for this to work, families would not be allowed to have any more children. Although this would stop the problem of overpopulation, you can imagine what an uproar this would create. Would you like to be told you can not have any kids? Another attempt to stop the issue of overpopulation, is to stop immigration. People from all over the world move to Europe every year because of certain characteristics in the country people might be attracted to. This obviously does not help overpopulation. The birth rate is already increasing in Europe and will continue to do so as long as people keep immigrating to Europe. The only way it is ensured that overpopulation will be resolved is if the birthrate dramatically goes down to drop the population, which is highly unlikely.