An Interview With Mrs. Clemmonds

by bethani cook

If You Were Wondering How Bomb Mrs. Clemmonds is, I'll Tell You!

Mrs. Clemmonds went to UNT and Idiana Purdue to earn her bachelors, secondary, and histology certificate in fine arts and education. Mrs. Clemmonds teaches a variety of health classes including health science and medical terminology.


Mrs. Clemmons teaches 11th grade health science and medical terminology classes.
Her classroom has a very comfortable environment.
The students are comfortable enough to ask any and every question they may have, and there is relatively no judgement.
She puts in about 60 hours a week and says it takes all the self-motivation a person could have to do her job as well as she does.
Since the human body is so complicated, Mrs. Clemmons says her biggest challenge is getting her students to understand the material.
The biggest reward that she receives from teaching is watching her students fall in love with the medical industry.