POHW After Poster

By Gracie Morris

1) Hollis' Outlook on life

In the beginning. Hollis issad and loney after running away from several foster homes. She has no family. In the end, Hollis is happy to be apart of the Regan family.


2) Hollis' trusting

In the ending Hollis is starting to gain a lot of trust for people because she is starting to realize that some people in the world can be trusted, and some people will have you back where ever you go.P.#161 '' Joise wants to come home . in that sentence it shows that Hollis trust Beatrice to take care of Joise.
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3) Hollis runs away

In the end Hollis does not run away as much as she does in the beginning. Through out the book Hollis starts to gain trust for people so she stays with them.P.#18. i had been at Joise house for three weeks.

4) Respect

In the end Hollis respects the mustard lady. In fact she actually visits the mustard lady at the end. Hollis finds out in the end that the mustard lady was actually was a nice person, and all she wanted to do was help me. P.#157 I kept sniffling and wiping my eyes.

5) toughness

In the end Hollis is does not act tough at all because she starts to open up to every body and talks about her past and her feelings. A example is when Hollis is on the top of the mountain with Steven and talks about what is going on in her life.P.#157 I kept sniffling and wiping my eyes .

6)relationship with the mustard lady

In the end the relationship between the mustard lady and Hollis is better because the Mustard lady comes and visits her and they get along. P.#165. Emmy and the mustard lady both liked the idea of Hollis being apart of the family .

7) Steven and the old Man

At the end Steven and the old man start to get along better. and i think they do so that h Hollis wont ever thing that it is her fault because they dont want her to run away. p.#166 So there are five of us know we are a family.