Quail Call

October 21

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Dear Families-Read on for the News

Quail’s Eye View

Dear PPCS Families --

I’m writing to clarify the Board’s decision-making timeline for operations in the spring semester. Many of you are understandably starting to wonder when and how this decision will be made.

As you know, when we started this school year, the Board committed to operating using the Remote Yet Connected model through winter break, and to offering remote learning for the entire first semester. We are now about halfway through our first semester, and have learned quite a lot. Our meetings for next few months will continue to address our school’s plans for keeping our community healthy, connected, and learning.

During our October 26 meeting, we will discuss our response to Covid-19 cases in our school community. We have had two positive cases of the virus so far. We were very fortunate that they did not result in any further spread. While we hope they will be our school’s only incidences of Covid-19, we know we must prepare to respond to cases in the future. We will clarify procedures for working with Public Health, notifying families about positive Covid cases, and determining whether and for how long we must close our building.

In November, the Board will begin consideration of the question: How will PPCS operate for the second half of our school year (or semester 2)? We anticipate that this conversation will take place over both our November 16 and December 14 Board meetings, so that we are incorporating as much up-to-date information and feedback as possible. We will draw from science, data, the experiences of schools around the country, and the perspectives of families and our staff. We anticipate gathering broad input from you using a survey, but also welcome your comment at any time.

Please let me know other questions that you’d like me to address from the Quail’s Eye View by emailing me at jbearman@palouseprairieschool.org. The next scheduled meeting of the PPCS Board of Directors is October 26 at 6:00 pm. Public comment can be sent to me at any time. I send all public comments in full directly to all members of the Board, and also include them in the Board’s materials. Comments are verbally summarized during the meeting itself.

Sincerely yours,


Jessica Bearman

PPCS Board Chair

School Pictures are next week, October 26-30

For students attending childcare or who are in Kindergarten through 3rd grade, school pictures will take place, October 26-30. Each pod will have a picture day on the first day they attend an in-person class.

  • Monday/Tuesday pod, your Pictures day is on Monday, October 26.
  • Childcare4-6th grade/Brook's Class will have their portraits taken on Tuesday October 27.
  • Remote Learners, your Picture day is Wednesday, October 28
  • Thursday/Friday pod your Picture day is onThursday, October 29.
  • Kindergarten your pod day (M/T/Th/F) is your Picture Day

Background photo customization and picture packets will be available to purchase online. Link to the online purchase will be sent out with the final picture day reminder.

Families with remote learners please sign up for school pictures by clicking on the button below.

Strong Families, Strong Students (please read and take advantage)

Schools and families have been hit hard by COVID-19. The website for the new, $50 million Strong Families, Strong Students initiative goes live TODAY. At StongFamilies.Idaho.Gov, eligible parents can apply for $1,500 per eligible student with a maximum award of $3,500 per family. Families can use the funds to purchase or receive reimbursement for eligible educational material, devices, and services, including: computers and technology, internet access fees, instructional materials and services. Part of the application requires a letter verifying proof of enrollment. Please email the office if you need proof of enrollment for the application.

The direct link to the site is: https://www.strongfamilies.idaho.gov/

Families can apply between Oct. 21 and Dec. 8, 2020, so please don't hesitate!

Here are some additional resources:

Strong Families, Strong Students Informational Letter - Strong Families Strong Students Information.pdf

Strong Families, Strong Students Frequently Asked Questions - Strong Families Strong Students FAQs English.pdf

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

PPCS students are invited to participate in a pumpkin decorating contest. Carve, paint, or otherwise decorate a pumpkin between now and Oct. 31st and submit a photo to ppcsparentcrew@gmail.com along with your students name. Prizes will be awarded for the spookiest pumpkin, the prettiest pumpkin, and the most creative pumpkin in grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. All entries will be displayed on the Parent Crew web page and social media. Winners will be announced on Nov 3.

Quail Care Packages

Our Quails Care! Relief Packages

Sometimes our families, staff, and teachers encounter difficult times. Whether it’s an extended illness or a loss in the family, we want to demonstrate compassion within our PPCS community by assembling Quail Care packages.

Parent Crew is challenging ALL Crews to make or collect items that could go into these packages for those difficult situations. Items may be dropped into the Parent Crew Collection Bin at the school’s front door table from Wednesday, October 14 - Wednesday, November 4.

Suggested Items:

-Cards/Pictures - we’re here, thinking of you, see you soon

-Games - single, two player, multiplayer (pass the pig, skip bo, backgammon, mancala, dominos)

-Crafts to assemble - can be bought or homemade kits

-Coloring books, word searches, crosswords, mad-libs, etc

-Homemade pillows, neck pillows, hot/cold rice packs

-Coop gift card, Bookstore gift card, other local gifts

-Money for local gift cards or gifts like a live plant or locally cut flower bouquet

-PPE - a new mask, handsan, clorox wipes

For more information about item collection and package assembly, contact parent organizer Natalie Flipper at theflipperfamily@gmail.com.

To send or receive one of these packages, please contact the office directly to maintain confidentiality: office@palouseprairieschool.org

Thank you for exhibiting empathy and compassion towards others!

Spread the Word...

Christmas For Kids Application

Application for this year's Christmas for Kids is now available. It is posted on the Moscow School District website at https://www.msd281.org/community_interest/community_event_flyers. Please note our priority deadline is Nov. 9, but as always we will accept late ones as long as we have the resources. We encourage families to apply early. We also have hard copies in the office if you are interested.

Moscow Co-op Dime in Time

The Co-op has selected PPCS as one of their recipients to receive donations for our playground! Now through the end of November, for each reusable bag shoppers bring in, they will be able to donate their dime to Palouse Prairie Charter School, so spread the word to your friends and family. (Please note, cashiers have a lot to remember and sometimes forget to ask, so customers should feel free to remind them where to donate their dime!).

Box Tops

Box Tops for Education is now digital! Instead of clipping the coupons, you simply download the Box Tops app and scan your grocery store receipt. All eligible products will be identified and automatically updated online. Our school will be sent a check for the earnings.