The Bluegrass Region

Physical and Human Characteristics

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Physical Characterisitcs


Major Bodies of Water

The Ohio River and The Kentucky River are the major bodies of water in the Bluegrass Region. Louisville developed along the Ohio River because boats of the Falls of the Ohio. Boats had a hard time passing this point, and Louisville became a stopping place.


The Bluegrass region has a temperate climate. This means that the temperature does not usually get too hot, or too cold. Although it does get plenty of rainfall.

Natural Resources

The Bluegrass region is known for horses. People in the Bluegrass region sell horses all over the world! In addition, tobacco is a major crop in this region. These two resources bring lots of money to the Bluegrass region. In addition, wheat and corn are natural resources in this region.

Human Characteristics

Key Words

Knobs- Small hills

Holler- a valley


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