Make It for Teachers & School

A great tool for creating educational games

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Developer – Planet Factory Interactive

Age – 6 years +

Subjects – All

Score – 84/100

Price – £3.99 / $4.99

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App Review

Make It for Teachers & School allows users to create their very own educational app content through a series of interactive games. It is fully customisable and definitely one for teachers or parents who are keen to make their own digital learning activities.

You begin by choosing a theme. There are 14 to pick from or you can add your own. Next you choose an activity. Here, there are 8 dynamic templates to pick from. These include relationship quizzes using connectors and containers, memory games, a multiply choice question and answer mode and a free page that enables you to add whatever you want.

At this stage you are then ready to add pictures, sounds and text to your activity. The images and sounds can come from your own device or you can go to the downloadable image and sound banks that are available within the app. Activities can be linked together in lineal order or menus can be created to increase the interactivity of the game.

Well Worth the Effort

Not surprisingly all of this takes a little bit of getting used to and the user interface could be improved. However, the effort required to get to grips with this app is definitely worth it. The end results are activities that not only look profession but are highly personalised. Once an activity has been created it is also very easy to share it with students or family members because it will work on any platform (PC , Mac or mobile device). Make it for Teachers & School is able to do this by running in the browser. All users have to do to access the content is download the free version of the application.

Teachers are likely to find this app very useful for revising subject matter and children themselves are going to enjoy creating the games and activities. Make it for Teachers and School does not contain any adverts or in-app purchases but there is an external link to other apps by Planet Factory Interactive. This is not protected by a parental gate.


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