The Disney Effect

By: Natalia Paz

Background on Disney Magic Cruise

It began with the Disney Cruise Line owned by Walt Disney Company. The home port is Port Canaveral. The cruise line has been around since 1995 and its fleet and itineraries have expanded over time. Disney Magic was the 1st ship launched by Disney Cruise Line. It began sailing out of Port Canareral on July 30, 1998. The godmother is Patty Disney the ex-wife of Roy E. Disney. The original itinerary was 3-4 night cruises to Nassau in the Bahamas. Each cruise also stopped at Disneys private Bahamian Island, Castaway Cay.

A little about Walt Disney

Walt Disney's full name is Walter Elias Disney. He was born in Chicago, December 5, 1901. He attended the Kansas City Art Institute in 1915. In 1922 incorporated Laugh-o-Grams Films but went bankrupt. He was awarded with the Special Academy Award in 1932. He also was awarded with the Irving G. Thalbery Award in 1941. He died in California December 15, 1996.

Disney Magic Cruise: Employee's

All employees are considered cast members not employees. They are never allowed to say they " I don't know". Cast members aren't allowed to have tattoos, tongue piercings, or ear gauges. They cant wear glasses that show a brand or logo. They must also be conventional. They cant talk about any social media platform. Walt Disney preferred others to call him Walt so every cast member has their first name on their nametag. All cast members must stay in character and other characters outside of the Disney realm do not exist. To work on the cruise you have to be committed to your contract. You have to be able to work 7 days and a 70 or 84 hour work week with limited time off. You have to flexible to ship life, duties, location, and schedule. Must appreciate a multi-cultural environment. You have to be eager, genuinely interested on working on the cruise, and passionate to help others.

Disney Magic Cruise Service

They have many thing to do on the Disney magic cruise. They have onboard entertainment that includes live shows and fireworks at sea. They have a kids club, an adult only hot spots, and stuff you can do as a family. There are gourmet specialties, abundant buffets, and quick-service bites. They also have state rooms. There is the concierge, verandah, ocean view, and an inside rooms. You'll be able to visit the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Europe. They have 11 decks. The 10th deck is the sports deck. the 9th deck is the spa.