Birthday Party

Kyler Simmons

Me my mom,dad,brothers and sister were going to a baseball game for my brothers birthday.I felt so happy that we were going.When we got there ,there was a guy in a booth use to pay.At the entrance they had three cars.One of the cars was a mustang.

Our seats were by the Rangers dugout so we saw famous players up close like Josh Hamilton.Then we got our baseball signed by most of them. In the first inning a foul ball went right over our heads.We all went to go get a hot dog and we saw statues.There were baseball ones and famous baseball players.

In the last inning we went to the park.They have a small park but it was still fun.When the game was over we went to go get some ice cream.When we got home my brother opened his presents.We were so tired when we got home.The game was 14 inning long but we did not stay that long because it was 12 o'clock.

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