Purchasing Land in Mexico

Stephen F. Moses' Settlement

In 1824, Austin brought 300 families to his colony in Texas. The Mexican government allowed him to settle under 4 conditions. They had to become Mexican citizens, had to become members of Roman Catholic churches, learn Spanish, and they weren't allowed to have slaves. Within 6 years, the amount of families of the colony doubled and those families weren't as accepting of the the conditions. Very few settlers converted to Catholicism and didn't want to learn Spanish.

Texas and Mexican War

If we are going to understand the Texas revolution we need to see what started it and to do that we need to look way back in 1821, only about 4,000 Spanish lived in Texas and even after many attempts to get more Spanish people to live there they all failed and a small amount of them actually moved to Texas. Moving on the Spanish government hoping to get more people to live there let Moses Austin an american start a colony in Texas and all Americans had to do was follow their laws

Moses died in 1821 so instead his son Stephen made the colony, also mexico won independence from Spain that same year of 1821. The new Mexican government told the Americans that came to Texas that they had to become Mexican citizens, become part of the Roman Catholic church and learn Spanish. Stephen Austin by 1830 had 30,000 Americans living in Texas out numbering the Mexicans six to one and with these numbers came problems, the very few of the Americans became catholic, they didn't want to learn Spanish. In 1829 when mexico made slavery illegal they didn't want to give up their slaves. In 1829 mexico also closed all immigration to Texas and for the first time made Texans pay taxes which they didn't like. This all cased the Texans to talk of breaking away from mexico and after Stephen Austin was jailed they did.

Mexico responded by sending Santa Anna who led 6,000 troops to Texas to put down the revolt. The first battle between Mexicans and Texans was the famous Alamo, with only 183 men to protect it and 1800 attacking they held it for 12 days with only 5 left the 13th and Santa Anna had them all killed. This shook Texas and motivated them to fight for freedom from mexico. With this mexico came all the way to the battle of San Jacinto in this battle Santa Anna had over 300 more Texans by them self in Goliad. The Texas general Sam Houston was able to gather more troops which was making up to be 800 and was made up of Spanish men american settlers African Americans both slave and free and volunteers from the United States of America. With there battle cry “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!”

He won the battle in 18 minutes killing 50% of the Mexicans and forcing Santa Anna to sign the the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo which gave Texas its freedom.

Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo was signed by the United States as well as Mexico on February 2, in 1848. This is the treat ended the Mexican War. It added 525,000 square miles to the United States’ Boundaries. The new territory gained by the U.S. included what are now the states of Texas, California, Nevada, Utah, most of New Mexico and Arizona, also parts of Colorado and Wyoming. Mexico received $15,000,000. The United states agreed to receive claims from private citizen of these areas against the Mexican government.

Foreigner Land Restrictions

Currently, Mexico doesn't allow foreigners from owning land withing 30 miles of the shore and 60 miles from the border. The history of the relationship between the United States and Mexico is a reason that this law should not be changed. In the past when Mexico allowed a colony from the United States to be placed in Mexico, Mexico lost a large portion of land that is now called Texas for only $15,000,000. It would be rediculous for us to allow this again because this may cause even more land loss.