Mrs. Nelson's First Grade News

December 7, 2015

In the Classroom

It's a fun week in first grade! Last week we read books written by Leo Lionni and they inspired us to be thankful for who we are and to work together as a team! When reading at home as a family, looking for the central message (the lesson in the story) is a great way to support your child's reading! We were inspired to work as a team to decorate our classroom door for the holidays!
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Learning This Week

Word Work- This week's sight words are: did, old, one, there, your. This week's word pattern is -old (cold, told, fold, hold, gold, etc.)

Reading- This week students will look for important features in nonfiction books. Important features that we focus on in first grade are photographs, captions, bolded words, glossary, and table of contents. By the end of first grade, students should be able to know and discuss the differences between fiction and nonfiction books.

Writing- This week students will continue to focus on writing how to stories to teach peers how to do or make something! Students will learn the importance of time order words like: first, then, next, and last to help put directions in order.

Math- Students will continue exploring place value concepts. By the end of first grade, students should be able to read, write and represent 2-digit numbers as tens and ones.

Science- This week students are continuing to learn about needs and wants, community workers and being a consumer or a producer. Each class in first grade will open a "store" to sell a good or provide a service to other first grade classrooms. Look for pictures in the next newsletter!


Last week's class attendance: 93.63%

Our attendance goal for Sweeny is 96% or higher attendance. In our classroom, we are trying to earn an attendance celebration. Every day that we have 100% attendance we earn a letter. When we spell "perfect attendance," we will celebrate! "If you're not at school, you're not learning!"
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Upcoming Events

December 7- PTO Meeting

December 9- Papa John's Night

December 23- Winter Break Begins

Now-February 25th- Box Top Contest (Send in your box tops to earn money for our school!)

Monday is always spirit day! Wear your black and orange!

Have a great week!