April 8, 2016 (You can still be fooled!)


By Leona Houchens, Editor

Over 100 students and their families won a no way ticket to Hawaii on Wednesday, April 6th. They imagined the warm ocean breezes and could almost hear the sounds of the native drums as they ate roasted hog and drank bottled ocean waves. In this edition, you will also meet Marc Mero, read about our newest teacher, see girls' basketball stats, find out who is the fairest in all our classes, and catch up on some real characters at MES. Students, don't miss the April Fools Challenge to earn some extra dojos!

Luau Literacy Night Was LOTS OF FUN!

By Abrie Van Winkle

On Wednesday, April 6th, MES invited the students and their families to a Luau Literacy Night. There was an MES Game Room, Raffle Baskets, Limbo, Sand Art, Snack Shack, Photo Booth, Reading Oasis, Book Bingo, Guest Readers, Scholastic Book Fair, and a Tiki Hut! The guest readers were Mr. and Mrs. Toon, Coach Bree, Coach Brown, and Mr. Nalley. They each did a great job reading! Our very own Mr. Jim, made everyone look like they were actually in Hawaii at his photo booth. The bingo was a winner. The night was AMAZING! Thanks to all who donated to the raffle baskets. Everyone had so much fun, and I hope to see you next time! Aloha!

Getting ready for the Luau was a lot of work! Miss Warren's 5th grade class made all the signs:

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Students and their families spend some quality time together:

Second grader, Zachary Frye and his family - Peter, Kristina, and baby sister, Samantha enjoy reading stories at the "Reading Oasis." Zachary says, "I really liked the Luau, 'cause I really like Hawaii. I really like the animals that live in Hawaii. They are really cool. I never heard of a place with so many beaches and with black sand even."
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The Scholastic Book Fair Was a Hit!

Our Newest Teacher Loves MES!

by Alexandria Hylton

Surrounded by her stuffed animals telling their own stories, Miss Hannah Weismiller is a lot more interesting than we might think. Her mom is a teacher and Miss Weismiller knew she wanted to become a teacher since she was a little girl. She has been teaching for two years. This is her first year at Manchester, and she would love to stay here as long as she can. This is her first year teaching first grade, and she loves it. Her favorite part about being a teacher is seeing the students come in and really learn. Miss Weismiller loves seeing how happy they are to be in the classroom with her. “It is always something different with these guys. I especially love this group, because they are always full of ideas and very energetic." This year she wants her students to be able to tie their shoes, be comfortable with reading, and be able to count money. She plans to accomplish these goals by doing small group work and little fun things to keep their attention, but that also helps them learn. She also uses hand motions, writing and songs, hands-on activities, and a chart that the students can look at for help.

The only thing she doesn’t like about her job is waking up early; she is not a morning person. She says, "My job is sometimes challenging when I have to change things at the last minute, and I may have to change things even if it is just one student who doesn’t understand." However, she is always prepared to dedicate time to her students. In her spare time, she exercises, plays the piano and the guitar, watches a lot of sports, and coaches a soccer team, the Cincinnati West Sharks. This is Miss Hannah Weismiller, an amazing teacher!


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by Kendra Collins and Natalie Rupp

"Life is not about winning the race. Life is about finishing the race and how many people we can all help finish this race. How we can start being kinder to each other." This is a quote from one of the most inspirational speakers, Marc Mero. On Wednesday, April 6th, grades 4-6 from Manchester, Moores Hill, Rising Sun, Aurora, and Dillsboro got to travel to South Dearborn High School and listen to Marc Mero tell his life story of how he battled through drug and alcohol addiction. He told us, “When you make bad choices, you affect the people around you, and just like your friends, they can either bring you up or bring you down.” Mr. Mero told us always to make positive choices and think about what you say to others you love or care about. In one second you can be going up and then fall back down and turn into a person you aren't!!!

Mr. Mero talked about how he achieved all his goals, but he also talked about how he messed up his life. He was a great boxer, but he shattered his nose in a car accident. He had to wait only 1 year until he got to go back in the ring. Then it turned into 2 years, then 4 years, then 8 years, and finally 10 years before he could box again. He spent 10 years of his life addicted to drugs and alcohol. Now he tells people his life story to try to make an impact on their lives. At the end of the presentation he told all the students to say, “I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE! I BELIEVE!” I’m pretty sure we all believe in ourselves now.

Character Assembly Finds Fairness and Caring Worth It

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Who is the Fairest in All MES? These Characters, That's WHO!

Picked by their teachers for being the fairest students at MES: Zane Biggs, Morgan Manford, Emily Hicks, Nathan Bryant, Aliyah Evans, Brynn Hamlett, Karley Clark, Kara Ickenroth, Hailey Huber, Natalia Leffler, Kaylyn Hoog, Aidan Fix, Noah Seaver

The Fairness Song

Goes something like this: "Kindness keeps the world afloat....Caring is like a boomerang that keeps going on and on and comes back to you the more you care......" Learning to be fair and care are even more fun with minute-to-win-it. Teachers and students had to bite the doughnut bait and be the first to swallow it! Jacee Cole won the student round, and Mr. Rompies won for the staff, but all had a blast of sugar!

Roving Reporter Arianna Brown asks 2nd graders, "What is your favorite thing about Spring and why?"

Zachary Frye says, "I get to go outside and play in the yard, because I think it's fun!"

Rozalee Bear says, "My favorite thing is to be able to play outside and ride my bike."

Gracie Brock says, "My favorite thing is the flowers, because they smell really nice."

Mason Hamlett says, "My favorite thing is the pool, because I can do flips!"

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Strange Friends are seen eating lunch at MES on April 1st!

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Oso enjoyed a nibble of Natalie Rupp's ear over Spring Break! How it did tickle!


Monday, April 11th, 9am

MES Classes

Beginning, April 11th, turn in an April Fool's joke for one of these pictures and earn an extra DOJO! Earn a Dojo for each picture you write a joke for! See our examples below.


We lost.. We Won..We lost..We lost..We Won..We Won.. the Lady Shiners won!

By Macie Teke

On March 12th, the Lady Shiners went to their first tournament game . The Lady Shiners were 4th seated in the tournament. They played the 5th team which is Moores Hill. We won against Moores Hill. GO US!!!!!! Then The Lady Shiners played Milan. Milan won. We were in it for the first half, but our heads weren't in the game in the second half. They fouled us a lot but that did not help. At the end, Kiersten Dixon won the Knight award. Then Aurora played Milan, and Aurora won. Our coach said, “It has been a great season, you are a great group of girls. And I would want all of you back next year." Lady Shiners on three, "ONE, TWO, THREE, LADY SHINERS!"

Training Preschoolers to Become Kindergartners

by Mrs. Houchens

Next year's Kindergarten students from the 123 Learn With Me Preschool visited MES on Wednesday, April 4th, to tour the school, meet Mrs. Fisk's kindergarten class, read Pete the Cat, do an activity, learn how to go into the cafeteria, have a snack, and shop at the Book Fair. Shelly Davidson says, "We visit so that the kids can feel more comfortable coming to the kindergarten pre-registration and start getting ready for school."
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Kinley, Addie, Bailey, Rylan, Colsten, Kainen, and Noah enjoy a snack on their first unofficial day of school at MES.

Kindergarten Round Up

Wednesday, April 13th, 11am-6:30pm

MES Kindergarten Room 1

By Carly Richardson

Children 4-6 years of age can be signed up for next year's kindergarten on Wednesday next week. Get your child ready to have fun and learn at MES - the school where good grades are made! THERE WILL STILL BE KINDERGARTEN CLASSES ON WEDNESDAY, 4/13.

ISTEP Part 2 Begins

Monday, April 18th, 8am

In your classroom at MES!

By Carly Richardson

ISTEP Part 2 online is about to start for 3rd - 6th graders. Make sure to get lots of rest and eat a healthy breakfast on test days. Run, jump, and play at recesses to get lots of oxygen to your brain. Practice for the ISTEP so you can do your best. As long as you don’t stress over it, you’ll get a good grade! So remember, study, study, study!

A limited supply of YEARBOOKS are on sale for $15.00. Get yours before they're gone!

Principal's Corner

By Mrs. Platt

I want to thank all of the families, friends, students, and staff members that spent time with us at our Luau Literacy Night on Wednesday. What a great evening! I would like to especially thank Miss Warren, Mrs. Stoneking, and Mrs. Teke for all of the time they spent organizing the event. Our school is special because of the extra effort so many people are willing to put into making MES great!