2016-2017 Ideas Part I

Delivered to you on May 16, 2016

We'll ALL be using this online lesson planning tool next year. You'll find the standards are easily accessible and ready to use. These will be shared with team and administration as we all collaborate to make the BEST lessons we can for ALL of our students! Go ahead and be playing around with this! (Many other schools in BCPS will also be using this, too.)

Check out HERE for even more lesson plans and ideas for us to consider as we rewrite our PBIS plan.

2016-2017 Plans Thus Far...

Here are the plans from our last faculty meeting. Please review what your PLC says it is doing now, what the next steps are, and please feel free to share ideas with each other in continuing to improve MCES. (click on highlighted "plans" above)

This video will show an instructional framework we'll all adapt for our classrooms next year. You can also look for other examples and samples of HOW/WHEN/WHY for your classroom (adaptable strategy for grades K-12!) *See video below.

Sample of HOW with CLOSE reads

Sample of TEACHING it to students so they can adopt the strategy

Basic Search with TONS of ideas

SIOP Activity: SQP2RS / "Squeepers" with Dr. MaryEllen Vogt