Medford BCIT Freshmen Newsletter

July 3 2019: Scheduling & Exploratory Information

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Congratulations on your acceptance to BCIT-Medford

Welcome to BCIT-Medford!!! Throughout July you will receive weekly Newsletters providing all of our new students and their families information pertaining to life at the Medford Campus. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information that you and your child will need to hit the ground running in September. We know that attending BCIT is a big decision in your child's education and development, so we want to make this transition as smooth as possible.

This edition of the Freshman Newsletter will focus on information pertaining to scheduling and our CTE Exploratory Process.

Please feel free to contact our administration or guidance department throughout the summer if you have any questions. All administrative contact information is located at the bottom of this newsletter.

Enjoy your summer and once again welcome to BCIT-Medford!

Mike Parker

Principal BCIT-Medford

1:1 Chromebook Program at BCIT-Medford

Starting this year all BCIT Medford 9th and 10th grade students will receive a district provided Chromebook!!! These devices will be utilized in all their academic and CTE coursework as we continue to give our students the best educational experience possible at BCIT!

Click on the link below to review Dr. Nagy's letter regarding this program.

More information will be provided throughout the summer in newsletters and emails.

Summer Mailing Information

Throughout the summer there will be Newsletters that will have information regarding the collection of student data. BCIT has moved away from the traditional "Back to School" hard copy information sheets, as we have everything housed in our Genesis Student Management System. With that said, in August the Genesis Parent Portal will be opened for inputting various student information.

More information will be provided in July and August regarding inputting this vital information.

Genesis Parent Portal

BCIT utilizes the Genesis Parent Portal for maintaining all student information. In mid-August you will receive an email regarding directions to gaining access to the Parent Portal.

Once in the Parent Portal, you will be able to view information such as student schedules, parent contact information and other vital data.

Block Scheduling

BCIT-Medford operates on a semester based 4x4 Block. Each class is 80 minutes in duration. Students will have a 40 minute lunch during their 3rd block class.

Semester One runs from September to the end of January. Semester Two will begin in February and will conclude in June when school is dismissed. The majority of the classes at BCIT are semester based, which means students will have a new schedule for the second semester. Essentially, it will look like two separate school years wrapped into one.

Students will still receive grades for each marking period, but semester based courses will only have two marking periods to average out their final grade for each course. Mid-Terms and Final exams are issued in all courses, CTE and academic.

Sample Freshman Schedule

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CTE Course Catalog

The link below will provide vital information about all the CTE areas that BCIT-Medford offers our incoming students. The catalog will provide you the course layout over the four years of education and training at BCIT for each career major area.

The CTE Catalog will also provide you an overview of the Exploratory Process at BCIT. This is a very important process for the incoming students, as the results of the exploratory process will determine what CTE area the students will be permanently placed at BCIT.

If you have any questions regarding the exploratory process please contact our counseling department at 654-0200 ext. 8423 or ext. 8418.

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Click here to view the CTE Course Catalog

This will outline the Exploratory Process and provide you an overview of all the CTE programs at Medford.

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Summer Reading and Mathematics Information

Earn extra credits throughout the summer by completing summer assignments in Math and Language Arts!!!

Click the identified area to view the summer assignments...

School Supply List 2019-20

This link will list the supplies needed for the 2019-20 school year

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