by Sophia Eleni Claire!

What Is An Earthquake?

An earthquake is a ground shaking threat. Most earthquakes are too small to be felt but sometimes lot's of energy is realest to create a more powerful earthquake.

How Is An Earthquake Caused ?

An earthquake is caused by cracks in the earth's crust called faults. Those faults can create slabs, these slabs are called tectonic plates. The plates rub up against each other and seismic waves are released. The waves sometimes reach the surface to create an earthquake!

some examples of earthquakes

Impacts Of Earthquakes

Earthquakes can do lot's of damage to buildings and even living things, " in Alaska 1964, a magnitude 9.2 earthquake hit so strong that a pool in Louisiana popped." also under water or near water earthquake can cause tsunamis.Earthquakes also push land together and make volcanoes. Even sometimes earthquakes near sandy areas bubble the sand and it explodes everywhere.

Pros Of An Earthquake


  1. after years of of earthquake experience, people have built better structures so earthquakes can do less damage to the building. They have made changes such as no reliance on shear walls, light roofs and walls,and other things to prevent injuries in earthquakes
  2. energy is released during an earthquake to provide scientists with lots of information of how to find out when the next earthquake might happen.
  3. many cites have laws to retrofit buildings after a Major earthquake and the work have saved lives.

Cons Of An Earthquake

  1. loss of live and property damage
  2. retrofitting costs lots of money, a specially the taller buildings
  3. earthquakes can wipe out whole towns or cities

Facts About Earthquakes

  • southern California has had about 10,000 earthquakes a year, very few were felt.
  • a school in California collapsed during an earthquake but nobody was injured or hurt
  • the largest earthquake was in Chile, it was recorded as a 9.5 earthquake

What To Do In A Serious Earthquake

  • stay under a sturdy table or desk
  • bring a ready kit nearest to the most reachable area
  • move away from large water places, before and after an earthquake
  • move away from trees and tall buildings
  • do not use the elevator
in conclusion, that is my information about earthquakes.

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