Week 1- The Theme of the week-"Random acts of kindness''

Hello to all parents and friends. As the Student Activities Dean for SIG Amherst, I am happy to inform you that week one overall was an incredible experience for our SIGlets. After spending countless amounts of hours immersing themselves in the stimulating SIG bubble of academia, we transitioned daily into much needed extracurricular activity. Beyond the Rec time of sports, computer labs, Gym/fitness time and board games, we also had some specialized hourly activities. Such as Manicures and Pedicures. Bracelet and bead designs, leisure book reading, town runs, instrumental practice, and much more. Our SIGlets also had the opportunity at Rec hour to simply go to their dorms and have some time to themselves resting and gathering their thoughts.



You may have thought Rec Hour was the climax for the extracurricular activities, but that couldn't be further from the truth. The magic that is each and every one of our SIGlets exploded when they engaged in numerous SIG-TASTIC specials such as, BRAIN BOWL (A fiercely real and healthy competition where Siglet teams move up in trivia rounds against their peers) PROJECT SIG-RUNWAY (As a team, construct an entire outfit using unusual materials that you find in everyday life, such as toilet paper) and COOKIE WARS (As a team decorate 3 cookies with all the candy Willy Wanka has to offer).

Our Siglets loved the excitement and the creativity these events embodied, resulting in victorious celebrations, magnificent outfits and very well accepted sugar rushes.


- A Saturday trip out to the Boston Museum of Science.

- Movie night.

- Subway Sandwich Picnic

- Special performance from Chris Bolter a Mentalist and Magician.

I wont give away all the magical experiences, because im sure our SIGlets are rearing to tell you all about them when they see you.

Week 2 is already in full swing, so stay tuned with us here at SIG Amherst. Because it will be even bigger and better with such events as CASINO NIGHT, MINI OLYMPICS, THE JABALI AFRICAN ACROBATS FROM KENYA and the much awaited SIX FLAGS AMUSEMENT PARK SATURDAY TRIP.

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