Kings of the middleages

King Henry,Willam,Rufus,Stephen and Oueen Matilda!

King's being GREEDY!

Taxes be came a big issue in Middle ages! To ensure protection of the Feudal lords  the peasants had to pay taxes "the help" the king since Feudal lords were payed in land. If you couldn't  pay taxes you would pay in other ways such as labor or giving up your belonings. Some people even lost their house like the bank does now a days.

King's Life!

Kings were the top of the Catholic churches. They were also at the top of power, riches, and social ranks. In the middle ages it was said that the king was sent from God to rule over. The kings had absolute ruling in everything. The king had the whole kingdom under his almighty power. The kings wealth was much greater than the riches.


The basic system of rule in Europe was called feudalism. Feudalism is a lossley organized system of rule in which powerful local lords divided their landholdings among lesser lords. If a lord died, the land returned to the higher lord it never got low enough to the peasants. Peasants had to ask for things that they wanted to do, even if they wanted to get married. The highest lord,who controlled ever land in the kingdom, was the king.