By: Zyra Khan

A Sprout Of Courage!

Rosa parks was born when segregation was still a problem, and she was the one person out of the thousands of African Americans that stood up. Believe it or not Rosa's first act of rebellion was on a bus. There was a certain place that blacks could sit on the bus, the front was reserved for the whites and the back for blacks. Although the blacks were allowed to ride they were not allowed to be forced out of their seats which is exactly what the bus driver did. He asked 4 black citizens to move out of their seats, and Rosa was one of them. She stayed in her spot and didn't move, " Some say I didn't move because I was tired," Rosa wrote in her autobiography, " but that isn't true. I was not tired physically... No, the only tired I was, was tired of giving in."

If I asked for a vote on who was more courageous, Rosa or the other African American citizens who would you pick? Rosa stood up to segregation and she had the risk of having large consequences but yet had the courage to face them and she persevered, while the other citizens wanted to stand up but didn't have enough courage to. Rosa also realized she wouldn't be pushed around anymore because of her skin color, yet the other citizens would allow themselves to be pushed around despite the difficulty.

Although they were different they had some similarities. Both Rosa and the citizens were pushed around for years for the same reason, their skin color. Also they both eventually took a stand and found courage and persevered. They might have took some time but they did stand up! Rosa Parks will be remembered forever and thanks to her and the citizens. Although they had many differences and similarities they united and over came segregation.

The Philosophy Of Galileo

Galileo was a fan of science, blinded by the beauties of physics he had to put his beliefs aside to discover his passion. Born on February 15,1564 in Pisa Florence, Italy. He was the first born of six others. Galileo started his formal education on medicines in 1583, but the longer he stayed the more he fell in love with physics.

His parents raised him to have a strong anchor to his religion, Roman Catholic. As Galileo went on in his life he studied science in more depth. Some of his studies such as Astronomy contradicted with his beliefs. He realized that what he had learned about astronomy went against the Copernican Theory and he was astonished. He was torn he wasn't sure what to pick, in this case I would have panicked and probably flipped a coin to decide! Galileo didn't do that, instead he conferred and searched for an answer and after days of confusion, he found a clear choice.

Galileo chose science above faith, he knew his passion was stronger than anything. The Church didn't handle this very well, they tried to break his passion and banned him from the church. He had the courage to defy his beliefs and persevered through the rejection from the church. Galileo died on January 8, 1642 he played a major part in science and his legacy will forever be known.

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Courage finds a Cure!

When I think of a hint of courage I think of me giving up a pink starburst. The actuality of the matter is like when someone has a problem but uses courage to find a solution. My aunt is a young girl, (coming from me, i'm 11!) but she might not have a little brother for much longer. Her brother has cancer she wants to help but has no idea how to she is scared she could hurt him. With cancer their are a lot of complications, the child can be young and weak, also they can easily become sick. I asked her for an interview and she said why not. she is confused, she doesn't want to do anything to hurt him. So you see the problem.

I asked her how she overcame this problem, she said " I think I had that word, um oh courage" she is still in second grade. she finally realized that she can help but she shouldn't be afraid. she slowly started to play with her brother and step by step he got stronger and she got more confident even though she was scared she used courage and persevered through her sadness. Lately all she does is play with her little brother! She takes care of him and couldn't be happier. She overcame her sadness and fear with courage she was ready to give up but she finally found something worth fighting for, her brother! I hope someday I'll have as much courage as her.

Colors of Courage

Odette Sansom, a name very few have heard of, but one that should be known. Odette was a spy during World War 2, proudly serving the British. Odette was happy with her job until one day she was captured. Odette was captured by the Germans this definitely caused a lot to change in her life.

Odette was a strong spy, but the effect of her capture was hard on her. Odette was tortured day after day yet she never divulged. She was constantly bombarded with pain and torture. Through all that she never ever gave in to the Germans. Another effect of her being captured was that her loyalty was tested over and over again, nonstop the Germans would ask her to answer their questions and each time she could have told them but she never did. She learned that she needed to be loyal if she wanted her country to win the war. I don't know how she did it but she managed to be loyal to her country, which is harder than you might think.

Odette had to have a tremendous amount of courage to accomplish what she did. She was offered the chance to be set free if she was to meet the Germans expectations yet she gave up that chance and used courage to find a way to never give up. Odette Sansom died in captivity, but she had large effects in her life that were all caused by one thing, being captured by the Germans.

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1st Courage Symphony

Who is Beethoven? Ludwig Van Beethoven was his full name, a famous composer, a magnificent musician and a inspiring person. By 1801 Beethoven started to lose his hearing. Eventually he completely lost his hearing, he could not appreciate music.

It put a strain on him and his music every time he tried he was frustrated and he could never figure out if his music sounded right. For a musician hearing Is a fundamental need to composing music, Beethoven had to compose music somehow, he wanted to give up but never did he used courage to keep going and persevered through his adversity, not being able to hear!

I don't know how he did it, but he made more than 7 symphonies without hearing. To describe him, he is one of the most aspiring people in the world and only someone with that much courage could persevere and accomplish his dreams, of being a composer.

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