by Brianna 3A


Echidnas are a unique Australian mammal. It is one of only two species of monotreme. The echidna’s scientific name is tachiygossus aculeatus. The echidna lives in many parts of mainland Australia and in Tasmania and Kangaroo Island too.

The echidna has lots of spikes, is hairy and has a long beak.

The Tasmania echidna has a longer and thicker beak.

The echidna eats beetles, worms, termites, ants and larvae.

When the female is ready to mate, they will mate in winter. Some people believe that a female gives out a scent that attracts the males to her.

Echidnas grow spines when they are 5 months old.

The echidna is a very unusual mammal, one of only two monotremes in the whole world.