The System

Sergio Jimenez / 3rd Blk / Coach Williams

What Is The Bill Of Rights ?

The First 10 Amendments to the constitution. These amendments list the rights to all Americans.

1st Amendment : Freedom Of Speech, the press, and religion.

you can say or write just about anything you want, you can follow any religion you choose if you have any complaints about the government, speak up.

court case : company v. Chicago

2nd Amendment : The right to bear arms.

To protect the country, citizens sometimes must serve as soldiers. Citizens also have a right to protect themselves. The government cant stop from owning guns.

3rd Amendment : The right to privacy at home.

Soldiers cant burge in and demanded to live in your house and eat your food

4th Amendment : Search warrant acquired.

police cant just walk into your house, search through your stuff, and take it away. First, they need a search warrant and they have to be exact on what they going to search.

Court case : general warrants

this law came by the mistreating of colonist by the british with thier use of the "wrists assistance"

5th Amendment : Trial by jury.

for a capital crime, a grand jury has to decide if there is enough evidence to charge you. You can be charged for a crime. If you are not found guilty you cant be tried again.

court case : unreasonable search and seize.

6th Amendment : Public trial.

if you're charged with a crime, your trial should happen as soon as possible. you shouldn't sit in jail for years waiting for a trial.

7th Amendment : The right to a jury trial.

you can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money. once the case is decided it cant be brought up again in another court.

8th Amendment : No excessive bail.

your punishment should fit your crime, you shouldn't have to pay to much bail or unreasonable fines. The government cant punish you in a cruel or unusual way.

court case : gregg v. Georgia

gregg convicted for murder and robbery in a hitchhiking case in Georgia. this means death penalty but now they want to stop it. so now they serve major jail time.

9th Amendment : Rights retained by people.

just because we made this list doesn't mean these are the only rights you have. the government cant take away any rights.

court case : abortion

its the woman right to make her own decisions regarding reproductive rights without government interference.

10th Amendment : limiting federal powers.

what if the constitution doesn't give a certain power to do something? as long as it doesn't say anywhere that the states cant do something.