The Oskaloosa Syllabus for Parents

Volume 3 Issue 1

Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to the 2017-2018 volume of the Oskaloosa syllabus. I hope to use this as a communication tool for parents within our district. I'll try to keep it brief, informational, and engaging.

New in the District

My name is Steph Wilson, and I am the new Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to coming to Oskaloosa, I worked as a Curriculum Director in West Des Moines, Waukee, and the Diocese of Des Moines. I am looking forward to working with the administrators, teachers, and parents in our schools to continue the fabulous work of our district!

Our elementary teachers have begun using new math materials this school year. After last year's research and piloting, Everyday Math was chosen as the new resource for our math curriculum. Everyday Math uses a problem-solving approach along with frequent practice to help students develop an excitement for math. For more information on Everyday Math, see our Parent Flyer.

We began offering a coding class this school year at the high school. Throughout the course, students will use applications to learn about and practice coding and create an app using coding language. The course currently has 21 students enrolled who are providing positive feedback thus far! We look forward to seeing the final apps!


There are so many wonderful things to celebrate! Here are just a few:

  • The high school teachers have been working diligently to identify skills that all students should leave high school with in order to be successful in their future endeavors. They have worked in collaborative teams to identify these skills. They have also begun writing working definitions for these skills.
  • MAP and other Screening assessments are happening for our students. Thank you teachers for engaging in this process to ensure we have valid data to drive our work with students!
  • It has been great to see so many smiling and excited students and teachers to begin the school year!
  • Homecoming week was wonderful with many students and staff participating in the activities!

Key Information

On Sept. 24, our teachers attended a wonderful presentation by Dr. Anthony Muhammad. Dr. Muhammad spoke about transformational leadership and culture. He provided engaging stories, relevant information, and wonderful resources!

Upcoming Dates:

  • Oct. 6 - No School (Data Day/PD for teachers)
  • Oct. 12 and 13 - Conferences (Please watch for more information coming from building.)
  • Oct. 26 - Grades 3-5 Math and Reading Night @ Oskaloosa Elementary (5-7pm)

You can read the September Board Report for more specific work done in August/Sept.


Please click on the link above to provide feedback on what you'd like to see in a monthly update this year. Thank you!