Demonstration Plan - Rich Task

Timothy Cho @ La Sem

Date(s): June 9, or June 16

Time of Demo:

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Description of Activity: Decorating a cake with Fondant

In the baking industry, one type of product sold the most are cakes. In order to make a cake at a standard to be sold, you would need to know basic knowledge of cakes and icing. In this demo, I will be teaching you how to decorate a cake assuming that a cake is already baked. Starting from equipment, to cutting, to icing and finishing off with layering the whole cake with fondant.


I have chosen to show you to decorate a cake with fondant due to the fact that in a bakery, I feel like cakes are the main attraction, in which when asked, someone would think of a cake when someone talks about a bakery. Knowing that cakes are popular, I went ahead of wanting to show this specific task. In the industry/business a business requires to make different selections of cakes because if there is only one type of cake sold, nobody will buy it. Thus causing revenue and profit for those bakeries who have a selection of cakes. With the number years that have passed, many bakeries are using fondant now for custom cakes as it is more simpilar and easier. Thus wanting to have a challenge for myself I wanted to do so.

Detail of Activity:

1. Collect equipment such as spatula, piping bag, rolling pin, corn starch, cake plate, milk/rum, bottle, serrated edge knife, towel
2. With cake cut cake into 3 sections (horizontally). Note that each piece should be even.
3. Place some icing on cake plate and place base of cake on the cake plate
4. Pour milk into bottle and then proceed to sprinkle milk onto cake until moist
5. Apply cream/icing onto first layer
6. Add the second layer and repeat step 4 and 5 two more times
7. "dirty ice the cake" and place in the fridge to harden
8.Take out cake after 30-45 minutes
9. With fondant, corn starch and rolling pin, roll out fondant until think enough and long enough to cover cake
10. with rolling pin, roll up fondant onto rolling pin and slowly place fondant ontop of cake
11. smooth out top of cake and slowly crease the sides to make smooth
12. When complete, with a knife cut the excess fondant
13. Decorate with icing

Required Materials

Vanilla Sponge
-European sponge mix, milk, sugar, cornstarch, eggs, water, vanilla

Chocolate Sponge

-European sponge mix, milk, sugar, cornstarch, eggs, water, vanilla, melted chocolate, vanilla


-icing sugar, water, gelatin, glucose, glycerin

Bacio cream and hazelnut

-hazelnut paste, chocolate flavor, vegetable oil

-vegetable oil, white chocolate, hazelnut paste


-spatula, cake board, rolling pin, corn starch, milk/rum, bottle, serrated edge knife, towel, piping bag, hazelnut