female justice

come and support females of developing countrys

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Raise awareness

We need to raise awareness for females that are not allowed to express themselves, or are given the freedoms to wear the clothes they like or obtain a education or have equal opportunity's as the male population

Female Justice Fair

Tuesday, March 24th, 1pm to Friday, March 27th, 5pm

Cawthra Park, Cawthra Road, Mississauga, ON, Canada

day one- games and rides will be open

day two-3 legged race and rides

day three- special guest speaker

day four-concert by all female band

Take Action

using this fair as platform the students of Rick Hansen Secondary School should learn to help spark a change of change in the rights of women all over the world in a positive way by having this fair we can raise awareness for women rights and will have a better chance to help women get the rights they deserve all over the world

positive change

by charging money to enter the fair and having multiply donation boxes and charging for games/rides. we have raised a lot of money to donate to many female rights groups that fight for female equality