Come Listen to me Play!

Ellie Krenz

Johann Philipp Kirnberger

Johann Philipp Kirnverger was born on Apirl 24, 1721, in Saalfeld, Germany. He died on July 27, 1783, in Berlin, Germany. From 1741 to 1751, he lived in Poland and worked for various noblemen of that country. Kirnberger was one of Johann Sebastian Bach's student. He was the music director for Princess Anna Amalia of Prussia.


multiple measure rest: A rest for more than one measure.

three-four time: Their will be three beats per measure.

a tie: When two notes are tied together.

a breath mark: A spot to quickly take a breath.

Piano: To play soft.

Forte: To play loud.

mezzo piano: To play medium soft.

Allegro: brisk or rapid tempo.

slur: When you play two notes with out tonguing.

mezzo fort: to play medium loud.

crescendo: to get louder.

Bruce Pearson and Mary Elledge

Bruce and Mary wrote Festival Solos book 1 and Festivals Solos book 2. They made the song "Menuett" able to be played on the flute.
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My name is Ellie Krenz. I am 12 years old I have 1 sister and no brothers. I have 1 dog named Lucy. My moms name is Monica and my dads name is Aaron.
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My Piece

Menuett is a slow statly dance that consistes of multiple couples. Now whenever I play the song I can visualize people dancing


I have learned a few things from this project. One thing I've learned is that pieces of music that look hard can actually be quite easy. This projects has been one of my favorites!