Bridge Challenge


The NY/NJ Safe Bridges Commission (SBC) has reached out to your engineering firm for a possible collaboration project. They have tasked you with creating a bridge to their specifications that a car can safely drive over. Use the materials provided and the engineering design process to help you imagine, develop, and create your bridge.


  1. Each team has a bag filled with materials that may be used to build their skyscraper. You will receive only one set of materials and are not allowed to share or trade materials with other teams.
  2. The bridge must span the entire width of the river (space between the tables) and have a solid surface.
  3. Your bridge needs to be wide enough to let a car pass across.
  4. The bridge will need sides to ensure safety of the cars passing over the bridge.
  5. The bridge must be free-standing and secured, meaning no one is allowed to help hold it up or in place.
  6. The bridge must remain intact during testing while the car is passing over the river.
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