Abused Children of the 19th Century

Child Labor in England (Britain)

Efforts to Improve/ Stop Child Labor

  • People who are against child labor were called reformers.
  • In 1832 New England Unions condemned child labor.
  • Was called the Child Labor Movement.

Punishments Childred Faced

  • Sometimes they were fined for not washing, heard whistling, or being five minutes late.
  • Sometimes whipped for taking breaks. Break made you lazy.
  • Sometimes they were even weighted when they were late (had weights tied to their necks and forced to walk up and down aisles.)

Accidents that often Happened

  • Accidents were admitted to the infirmary.
  • In many cases the muscles and skin had been stripped down to the bone.
  • Fingers, hands, and even legs were lost or required amputation.

Hours, Food, and Working Conditions

  • Children would work 12-4 hours each day!
  • They had very little to eat. When they did it was along the following items: Oatcakes, bacon, potatoes, breads, and soup.
  • Working conditions were horrid. Surrounded by large, dangerous, heavy machines. Also exposure to fumes and toxins that if inhaled could cause illness, chronic conditions, and diseases.

Jobs in Factories

  • There is no such thing a Child Protective Services yet!
  • Several Jobs: Scavengers (crawl under machines an pick up loose bits of cotton), piecers (step onto the machines to tie loose threads back together).
  • The jobs were very dangerous; injuries were frequent.