The Adventurous Life of Hank

By Hanna Moser

Hanna Moser

Hanna was born in West Union, Iowa on September 2, 1996. She has two older brothers Ben and Tom, and is involved in many school and community groups. Hanna will graduate from North Fayette Valley High School in the spring of 2015 and hopes to attend the University of Iowa for pre-med the following year.


Hank was once a successful lawyer. Getting rather fed up with the people who came through his office, Hank decided he would rather live a life on the streets for a while. When he found himself the winner of a lottery ticket, Hank decided to return back to his rich life. He took a private jet to Spain. On the way there, the plane had engine problems and crashed, leaving Hank as the only survivor. Hank was finally saved by a tracking device on one of the Koala bears on the deserted island he had been stranded on for months. Hank ended up returning to the island he had been stranded on and make it his own private island to live happily ever after on.