August 8 - Civano School News

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Upper School Curriculum Night

Next Tuesday, August 15th will be our Upper School Curriculum Night from 6 - 7. If you have a child in grades 5-8, attendance at curriculum night is mandatory. What is curriculum night? Teachers speak with parents on curriculum, routines and expectations—all of which are a great help in getting families prepared for a successful school year.

Lower School Homework Club Starts This Week:

We look forward to providing students with three additional teacher supported hours per week to work on academic activities. Please help support us in this program by sending children who need a quiet academic working environment. We want to be clear that this is not a tutoring program, but rather a space to work with teacher support if needed. Thank you for helping us to promote student responsibility!

What are the students’ responsibilities?

-Students work independently in the classroom on an academic task with teacher supervision.
-Students come with all their materials prepared and ready to work.
-Students bring their own book to read in case they finish their work early.

Who can attend each session?

-All students in grades K-4 may attend any of the K-4 sessions. The teacher on duty does not need to match the student’s homeroom teacher.
-Youngers are welcome to attend the homework club, given they are a student who can be successful in a quiet working environment with little direction. B.J. will

communicate with families directly about ideas on how to make this a successful hour.

How can I sign up my child?

-Reserve your child a space for any homework club time through an email to your child’s direct teacher (not the teacher on homework club duty) by 8:30am the day of the homework club.
-Pick-up your child on time and have a clear going home plan.

Homework Club is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 3-4 pm.

Mondays: Olders classroom,

Tuesdays: Middlers classroom

Thursdays: Youngers classroom

The Language Project:

We are excited to be offering our SECOND year of Spanish Immersion Classes with The Language Project (TLP) this fall. The Language Project´s hands-on, interactive, and high-energy approach ensures students are motivated and engaged while learning a new language at the same time. This fully immersive, independent, learning program is helping thousands of students worldwide unlock the benefits of bilingualism.

There are multiple levels for new and returning language learners.

  • Level 1- New language learners
  • Level 2- Returning language learners

Price (30 weeks): Monthly payments of $50 approx or pay in full for 5% discount.

Sibling and pay-in-full discounts available at check out.

For more information about the program or to register your child visit

We are excited to bring TLP to our school and to start our students on the road to bilingualism. Register today. (Space is limited)

Further questions, contact: Blanca Roberts, TLP Arizona Director | 520.395.6276 |

Notes this week:

Safety Reminder:

Please remember when you are picking up your child, specifically on the Upper School campus, to pull all the way into the parking spaces so that other cars can get by with no safety risk.

Lunch Ordering Update:

Thank you for your patience as we get rolling with online lunch orders. The suggestion I've heard the most is that families need more time to order lunches. I will make sure and get lunch orders out ahead of time by 2 weeks instead of 1 from now on. That will give families time to order and get checks to the office in plenty of time. The September lunch order will be in the August 15th newsletter.

Dogs on Campus:

As much as we love animals, please do not bring pet dogs onto the Civano Community School Campus. While we strive to be a welcoming community, many pets are not prepared to be greeted by 100+ children. For the safety your pet and our community, dogs are not allowed on campus without special permission. Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Rattle Box Farm:

Rattlebox Farm, located a few minutes from the school, is owned by Dana Helfer and Paul Buseck - Hazel's parents (2nd grade). They grow organic vegetables, melons and flowers. They have a few shares left in their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for the upcoming season. You pay $22/week and get a delicious and beautiful box of produce - ALL grown at their farm. They have weekly or biweekly (every other week) shares available. See their website or contact them at or 520.240.6230 for more information. Act fast - shares go quickly!

CivanoArts Fundraising Campaign:

Don't forget to send in your pledge or ask friends and family for their support! Attached are forms in case you need extra. Thanks!

Questions? Ask parent Stephanie Mitchell at

Kitchen Duty openings

We still have some near-future openings for Kitchen Duty that we hope to fill:

Wed 8/9, 9:00am - 10:30am

Thu 8/10, 11:30am - about 2:00pm

Fri 8/11, 9:00am - 10:30am

Fri 8/11, 11:30am - about 2:00pm

Tue 8/15, 9:00am - 10:30am

Tue 8/15, 11:30am - about 2:00pm

Fri 8/18, 9:00am - 10:30am

If you can help, or know someone who can, please sign up via our Doodle poll.

Remember, kitchen volunteers get a FREE lunch!!

Wanted: STEM Boxes and Science Supplies

We are still looking for:

  • empty rectangular Kleenex boxes
  • unsharpened pencils
  • old CDs or DVDs
  • thick rubber bands
  • toothpicks
  • plastic spoons
  • plastic cups
  • dominoes
  • mini cups (paper bathroom cups)
  • Play-Doh
  • clay that doesn’t harden
  • foam balls (any size)
  • mosaic tiles/glass tiles
  • long, rectangular tiles
  • paper planter cups (like you would use for planting seeds indoors)
  • wood planks (such as an old Jenga game)

Thank you!!


Mark your calendars:

  • August 15, Upper School (5-8) Curriculum Night
  • August 16, 1/2 Day, All students dismissed at 12:00
  • August 17, Civano Parent Association general meeting, Upper School campus