Doggie Dive

At The Taft House Pool

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Summer will be coming to an end shortly and the pools will be closing for the humans that is! Bring your dog and join us at the Taft House Pool for our Doggie Dive event! No humans are allowed in the pool but your dog is free to swim and play to their heart’s content. This event is free but you must be a Meadows resident and have a season pool pass to attend. Participants will need to bring their pool key FOB’s to get in.

Date: Saturday, September 12, 2020


9:30 am – 10:00 am - Dogs 35 pounds and under only.

This year we have added 30 minutes to the start of the event for dogs 35 pounds and under to allow small/mid-size dogs first. At 10 am, we will open the gates to dogs of all sizes. Dogs 35 pounds and under and can stay at the event past 10 am, or can come to the event at any time we have just reserved the first 30 minutes for small/mid-sized dogs if you’d like to attend without larger dogs.

10 am – 2 pm – Dogs of all sizes

Cost: FREE (Must be Meadows resident with a season pool pass to attend)

Ages: All ages welcome but small children are not recommended due to large dogs running around and there is a risk of a collision.

Location: Taft House Pool (3570 Celestial Ave., Castle Rock, CO)

Special Notes:

* Remember to bring your pool FOBS to gain access to the event.

* All dogs must be up to date on rabies and other vaccinations.

* Please do not bring your dog if it displays aggressive behavior towards people or other dogs. Please note that The Meadows reserves the right to kindly ask you to leave the event if your dog is being aggressive or poses a safety risk.

* We recommend that you do not bring small children to the event. There will be large dogs running around freely throughout the pool area and collisions with small children are possible.

* Owners that have multiple dogs are free to bring them to the event. We do not require a 1 to 1 ratio of homeowners to dogs.

* Only dogs will be allowed in the pools. People will not be allowed to enter.

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