Freak the Mighty!

Julianna Matteis 4-5

Analysis of Development of Theme

In the book Freak the Mighty, the setting is mostly in the down under, and this is where Freak and Max start developing the story. This is where they basically became friends. One of the biggest things you need to know though, is that... the ole' Killer Kane is Max's father. Killer Kane was mentioned in the book since the beginning, pg. 3. Killer Kane killed Max's mother. Max still remembers that very moment when his father pulled out that gun, even though he was only four years old. Ever since that tragedy happened, Freak was always by his side all along. On the back of the book it says,"Together they are Freak the Mighty."

Reflection and Aplication of Theme

The theme I chose was,"If you're not afraid to make new friends, then you will have great peers to help you every step of the way." Everybody can relate to this because everybody should have friends. Even if you don't think you do, there is somebody out there that loves you. I actually thought in the beginning of Freak the Mighty, that Max and Freak/Kevin wouldn't be friends. Also, I thought Freak would be the conflict, but the author made it really clear that this book was meant to be about friendship. So, like I said before, make wonderful friendships. Trust me, everybody wants to have somebody to catch your back when you fall, you want to have a friend like Freak. Start to create awesome friendships like the author did the theme.


Summary of the Text

Summary of the Text

It all started in preschool really, when Freak and Max met. Freak would run around the classroom screaming,"Robot boy!" At that time Max's mom is killed by his father. Then everyone started making fun of Max. They were calling him mean nicknames. Then there was Freak, right there to support him through this hard time. Ever since, then they became besties. Off they went doing so many adventures, especially to the hospital. There is a lot of stuff going on, between Freak wanting a bionic body, and Max seeing his dad for the first time since he was four when the accident happened. Freak and Max are perfect for each other because they both have disabilities. With Freak's disability, he is not going to live long, he was just making up the story about the bionic body, he just wanted something to hope for. During the book Freak gives Max a dictionary for Christmas and Max loves the thing to death. Then that time comes around where Freak isn't going to last much longer and passes. Max thinks the bionic body killed him or something else went terribly wrong, but it was all nature taking it's place. Even though Max was devastated, he is happier now.

Author Information

Did you love FTM? If you loved it they have a sequel. The sequel is called Max the Mighty. I think the sequel is about Max going on his own adventures. The sequel might also be about how he still lives with his grandparents. If you are amused about learning more about Max the Mighty check out the link below! FTM and MTM are great Scholastic Books! Together they are Freak the Mighty!!!