Drug Presentation


Cocaine- an addictive drug that comes from the leaves of the coca plant

The coca plant is native to South America. Cocaine is either inhaled through the nose or dissolved in water and injected into the bloodstream.

Other names for cocaine

1. Coke

2. Crack

3. Pearl

4. Candy cane

5. Bubble gum

6. Crystal

7. Snow white

8. White powder

9. Candy

10. Powder

Short term and long term effects of cocaine

Short term effects

1. Loss of appetite

2. Nausea

3. Anxiety and paranoia

4. Depression

5. Intense drug craving

Long term effects

1. Liver, kidney, and lung damage

2. Severe tooth decay

3. Severe chest pains

4. Mood disturbances

5. Weight loss

Signs of abuse

1. Dilated pupils

2. Frequent bloody noses, and runny nose if snorted

3. Abusers of cocaine may become dishonest and unreliable

4. May talk rapidly

5. take frequent trips to the bathroom to use the drug

6. Mood swings