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Ideals of Freedom

In life, freedom is something that we as Americans sometimes take for granted. We believe that once freedom is given to us, that it cannot be taken away. We also forget that we, at one point in time, were stripped of our freedom. Freedom is one of those obscure things that does not really have a concrete meaning. To some people , freedom could mean what allows you to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, and why you want to do it. To others, freedom means that anything can be done with no drawbacks or punishments. To all people, there is one universal meaning that cannot be changed whatsoever. That universal meaning is that freedom is something we are entitled to. That universal meaning leads to people misusing their freedom to do bad deeds. Those people ignore the fact that there are people in the world that are not as privileged as them and do not the same freedoms as them or they don't have any freedom at all. They ignore the fact that they have a better chance at life than those who do not have any freedoms and they choose to squander their opportunity. They have this sense of invulnerability just because of the freedoms they have. This is a fatal flaw of those who abuse their freedom.

Without freedom, individuality is practically nonexistent in societies that lack freedom. This is clearly evident in dystopian novels such as Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and 1984 by George Orwell (AKA Eric Blair). When freedom is nonexistent, society falls apart and nothing is logical. This is what freedom is to an extent.

Speech vs. Big Brother

Hello citizens of Oceania. I have come here to talk to you today about the tyranny of Big Brother. He has destroyed everything that we as a society hold dear. He thinks that his unconventional ideas actually help our society. We are just blindly playing along and not realizing the truth. His creative naming tactics are not helping this either. He employs a technique that we are subject to that is called doublethink. He mixes up the meaning of words to make sure that we, as citizens, do not know or understand what is truly going on. , The 3 mottos of the party; "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength" are examples of doublethink. Also, the 4 ministries are also prime examples of this principle. The Ministry of Truth (MiniTru) deals with forgery while we believe that it holds the truth to our society. The Ministry of Love (MiniLuv) deals with death and torture while we believe the polar opposite. The Ministry of Peace (MiniPeace) deals with war despite what the name implies and the Ministry of Plenty (MiniPlenti) deals with food rations. There is also the issue of newspeak which absolutely hinders our thoughts and communication. Furthermore, there is the issue of the propaganda that spews from our telescreens. The telescreens also double as surveillance systems so that we do not do anything "suspicious". We are also not allowed to have our own thoughts or we risk being wiretapped and arrested by the thought police. Big Brother's messed up ideas have destroyed everything we have and life as we know it will only get worse as time goes on. This is why I encourage you to stand against Big Brother. To fight for what is right. To fight for our real freedoms. To fight for what is just.

1984 Newspaper

Liview Ap84

April 4th 1984


Smith ThoWrits

Lilsnips show that Winston Smith of MiniTru is writing in a diary. The telescreen only saw flickview writing. There was no AntiBB thought present so there is no harm. Though frownon, the Thougpo will not apprehend or reprimand him. For now, he remains under Thoughpoveillance. Facepressions say a lot about a person but his was perfectly blank. Ingsoc has told MiniTru to clowatch Winston. This concludes the tentative investigation of Winston Smith.

New Party Members Experience 2MinHate

The new party members got their firtast of 2MinHate. Anger reached its peak midway through the 2ndmin. Cries of “Swine!” and “Long Live Big Brother!” were heard throughout the room. Chants of “BB! BB! BB! BB!” were also heard. It was goodexp. This concludes the review of the 2MinHate for the new members.

1984 Rap

Placed in a dystopian society

No traces of individuality

Placed in the year 1984

Any and every uprising always hittin' the floor

Diary writing protagonist

Plus a mysterious antagonist

Eyes everywhere

None to compare

Nothing is safe

Nothing to be hidden

Everything for society to be likeeeee


Existence of Newspeak

Concept of Doublethink

Your mind will absolutely freak

You cannot even come cleaaaannn

1984 Trailer