Cancun, Mexico

Gustavo Bahena's Dream Vacation

Cancun Mexico

My dream vacation is Cancun, Mexico. Cancun is located to the south of Mexico. I mostly want to visit this place because its cool looking and its mostly in the middle of the ocean since its actually an island. It has a beautiful ocean around it and has many people there.

  • Cancun is very famous that over half million people live there
  • Back then Cancun's real name was Ekab which mean's Black Earth
  • The word Cancun means Snake nest which is Mayan
  • Cancun's white sand is made from crushed coral that you can walk on without getting burned
  • Cancun has many places to stay because it has about 140 hotels with about 24,000 hotel rooms
  • Cancun has many restaurants for a small island, it has about 350 restaurants there
  • In Cancun there is about 700,000 people living there who are enjoying there stay there
  • Cancun is so famous that about every year 4 million people still visit
  • Cancun is a very good place for wedding it has been about 46,000 wedding happened there
  • The Worlds most famous reefs are mostly found in Cancun


The travel from Texas to Cancun would be about 35 hours. Texas all the way to Cancun is (1,919.6miles). If I was going to Cancun I would take my family because they wanted to go there since along time ago. A way I can go there would be in plane or go to mexico and then in boat but mostly in plane because its in the middle of the ocean. If Cancun was that cool I would stay about 1 year.


The hotels there are very amazing and there are about 20,000 rooms so there might be enough for me and my family to stay at. I really wanna go there to a hotel because most of them are close to the ocean and it has a good view in the top. If I go there I might need to pack up everything to stay there.


The place where I'm going for the flight would probably be about $1,691.73. I also might need lots of money to pay what I might buy there. For example I could buy souvenirs or anything else that might look interesting. Also I need to save money or how will we all eat or drink something. Since we are about to live in a hotel room, the lodging might cost something to bring in. Since maybe ill be going there on boat I might need to get lots of gas which might cost a lot for a long trip like that.