By:Ella Coates

Adding and subtracting


Step 1:find a common denominator.

Step 2:then you add or subtract.

Step 3: now if you can simplify than do it.

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No mixed number

Step1:make the mixed fraction an improper fraction.

Step2:multiply the numerator

Step3:simplify the ending fraction

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note:this is just like multiplying fraction

Step1:keep the first fraction the same

Step2:now change the division sign into a multiplication sign

Step3:now flip the second fraction

Step4:now multiply the fractions

Step5:simplify if you can

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Adding and subtracting Decimals


Step1:Write the equation.The decimals need to be lined up!

Step2:do the problem

Step3:now place the decimal. You will add up the spaces each one takes up the put in place

Multiplying decimals


Step1:Set up the problem

Step2:Multiply the decimals like you would if there were no decimals.

Step3:place the decimal how you put them in adding and subtracting

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Casey Shuffle

Dividing decmals


Step1:Set the problem how you would a normal division problem.

Step2:If there is a decimal in the divisor then move it as many times to get it out of the number.then move the decimal inside the same amount.

Step3: do the division

Step4:place the decimal above where it is now.