Kokanee Library Newsletter

April 2017

Thank you for a great Spring Book Fair!

Thank you teachers and to your students for another great book fair. It is a really fun week for students and it is always great to see their excited faces when they walk into the library book fair for the first time.

What's Happening in the Library this Month?

Congrats to our Read Across the Solar System Grand Prize Winners!

Xylan Johnson in 3rd Grade and Steven Edens in 5th Grade were the 2 grand prize winners this year and were awarded a bike and a helmet. Many other prizes were given away as well. This was our first year participating in this program and I am excited to make it even better next year!
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4th Grade Skype Author Visit with Kate Messner!

Through a generous donation by the PTA, the 4th graders at Kokanee were able to Skype with author Kate Messner. She had a great presentation on her research, writing and editing process that she goes through when writing and gave us a sneak peak at her new Ranger in Time book!
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Technology Tips!


Kupiter is a review game in which students answer questions by moving and shooting a laser at letters in order to spell the correct answers to quiz questions. Points are awarded for speed and accuracy. You can create your own game on Kupiter by writing questions from scratch or by importing them from Quizlet or an Excel spreadsheet. Game links can be shared via social media and Google Classroom.


Geoboard is a free app on which students stretch virtual rubber bands over pegboards to create lines and shapes to learn about perimeter, area, and angles. The app is available as as an iPad app and as a Chrome app. It can also be used directly in any updated web browser. The browser-based version is linked above.

Number Rack

Number Rack provides a set of virtual number beads that are grouped into sets of five red and five white beads. Number Rack on the iPad allows students to have up to 10 rows of beads. Number Rack on the web provides up to five rows of beads. You can obscure some of the beads to model subtraction and addition with the virtual beads. Number Rack is available for iPads and on the web at the link above.