2015 Year in Review- Marketing 1

Siraj S.

Best Marketing Companies 2015

  1. Adidas
  2. Microsoft
  3. Samsung


  • Adidas was a the best marketing company, personally, in the year of 2015. The company induced many new top athletes that boosted their sales dramatically. Along with new athlete endorsements and new TV ads, Adidas put out many new products that rivaled Nike. Such competition boosted Adidas to have a great year of business in 2015.

  • Microsoft released many new products over the year that helped improve its profits. It marketed mainly though TV commercials that gave details on the new products. Microsoft used much advertising to grow their profits.

  • Samsung did much advertising and compared its products to that of Apple's. It had many ads in both TV and paper (Newspapers, Magazines, etc.) that gave the public knowledge of its products. Also Samsung had ads that showed that its products were better than those of Apple's.
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#2 Product of 2015

BMW i8 Coupe 2015

Work Cited- http://2016carimages.tk/2015-bmw-i8/

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Top 2 Musical Artists of 2015

Adele- She got to the top by creating a demand for her music and by using social media to convey her songs to the masses.

Fetty Wap- Fetty Wap did the same thing as Adele and used social media and music television channels to promote his music across the nation.

Top 10 List

The Top 5 Luxury Cars of 2015-

  • Pagani Huayra (1.4M)
  • Aston Martin One-77 (1.4m)
  • Ferrari F60 America (2.5M)
  • W Motors Lykan Hypersport (3.4M)
  • Lamborghini Veneno (4.5M)

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