All About Me

By Kyle Berback

I do well in all my classes

I always get good grades and am proud of it.My report cards are always straight A's.I always try hard on tests.

I like to read

When I have nothing to do I might decide to read.My favorite book is Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.If I like a book I could finish it in a day

Baseball is my favorite sport

I think baseball is really fun to play.I might not be the best at it ,but I enjoy it anyway.My favorite team is the New York Mets.

I like to play PS3

PS3 is my favorite gaming system.There are a lot of fun games to play ,but my favorite is Black Ops 2 especially zombies.I enjoy playing it with my friends

My favorite t.v. show is Phineas and Ferb

It's a really funny show.Phineas and Ferb always build a big invention and Candace tries to bust them to their mom.Did I say a platypus fights an evil scientist?