Manteca Unified School District

Going Digital in the High School Library

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Evolving from Library to Learning Commons

In order to meet the learning needs of our students and staff, we need to adopt the Learning Commons model for our high school libraries.

The Learning Commons:

  • Provides a flexible space for exploration, collaboration, and creation
  • Provides resources for students and staff to use as an extension of classroom project based learning
  • Encourages collaboration between students with each other, as well as students with teachers, and teachers with teachers
  • Provides a space where students are engaged and use higher level thinking skills
  • Bridges the digital divide
  • Incorporates digital and print resources with current technologies to improve literacy

Overarching Goals

The Library to Learning Commons Committee will use the Model School Standards for California Public Schools as a guideline to create a five year plan. The Learning Commons model will also help meet the overarching goals of the Common Core State Standards and the new ELA/ELD framework.

Implementation Timeline

  • OverDrive Digital Library
  • Stakeholders create a mission and vision statement
  • Five year plan written for board approval

  • Library Media Specialists
  • Sites create a needs assessment and site specific action plan

2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20
  • Evaluation of site learning commons implementation