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Parents, Are They Too Strict?

Aztec children live a fairly normal life. For instance, they do chores, go to school, and play with toys. But, some parents disciplined them in ways that are almost unimaginable. Aztec parents are very strict to their children.

This week we followed the life of a normal family. They are the Chatilans, they have two children, a little boy and a teenage girl, and we looked on how the parents punished their children when they did something wrong.

To begin with, we watched the family and how they reacted to their childrens behavior, and oh boy, were we surprised.

This Thursday, Sitlano (son, 10) kicked another child at school. When got home he got a scolding from his parents. He was sent to his room without his night time meal.

But some parents sometimes take some punishments way too far. For example, when Tichlata (daughter, 14) was supposed to be doing school work, she snuck out with her friends. When she returned home, her parents punished her by holding her over a chili pepper fire, burning her eyes, nose, and neck. This (I thought) was cruel, unacceptable, and most important, put Tichlata in unbearable pain. In addition, the burn wounds were embarrassing to Tichlata.

We thought the parents handled Tichlata’s behavior in a horrible way, but we recently did a poll and found out 34% of parents have held their teenage children over chili pepper fires when they misbehaved. To illustrate, parents punish their children in cruel ways often.

We decided to stick around another week and continue watching the family even after we saw how the parents handled their children.

We soon found out that even though the parents were strict, they really love their children. The parents did things to help Tichlata, such as treating Tichlata’s burn wounds, letting her stay home from school for the rest of the week, and most important, taking care of her. Furthermore, Aztec parents do love their children even though they are sometimes strict. I’m sure that Tichlata learned from her mistake, and she will not sneak out with her friends again.

Aztec Sacrifice Weekly (sequential article)

This week we followed the warriors of Tenochtitlan when they were collecting goods from a mesoamerican civilization, because we were planning on starting a flowery war to collect new sacrifices.

The war was a success as we captured 89 people to sacrifice. After the war was finished the captives walked back in chains to Tenochtitlan. They were hungry, sick, and tired, but they didn’t dare to run away. If they ran away they could’ve starved to death, gone insane because of the loneliness, been bitten by a poisonous snake, or run into an angry god who would punish them for running away.

Not long after they got back to Tenochtitlan the captives were trapped in wooden cages. They were kept in those cages for six weeks until one morning the priests came to inspect them. The priests brought scripts with them to write down the people worthy of being sacrificed. They didn’t choose anyone who was sick, ugly, scared, or overweight.

Next, a few weeks after the priests visited, the guards announced the prisoners that were going to be sacrificed. We decided that this week we would follow a chosen man named Quetzalcoatl. “My heart stopped when they called my name,” Quetzalcoatl stated. “But I was happy to serve the gods, and excited to live with them in the sun after I die.”

Then Quetzalcoatl was sent to a prison where he was to be kept until the sacrificial ceremony. On the day of the ceremony Quetzalcoatl was given a herb drink that would calm him so he wouldn’t be nervous when he was sacrificed. Initially, the drummers played their drums to make sure he was completely calm and a little bit whoosey.

Not long after, Quetzalcoatl was taken to the temple to be sacrificed. He was walked slowly up the temple steps. Once he got up the steps the priests grabbed him and threw him onto the sacrificing table. They quickly cut his heart out and Quetzalcoatl was immediately dead.

The next day the sun shined and it was a beautiful day, which proved that Quetzalcoatl was in the sun with the gods. Thank you for reading our weekly sacrifice update. Stay tuned for next weeks sacrifice!

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Aztecs vs Mexico, Food Fight! (Compare and contrast article)

The Spaniards took over the Aztecs in 1521, and they changed many things, but they have always had the same kind of food. They make salsa today the same way that the Aztecs made salsa a long time ago, with tomatoes, black beans, and corn. The Aztecs had tamales in the 1500’s as well, which are also served the same today. Tamales are food made of seasoned meat wrapped in cornmeal dough. Aztecs also had tacos, except the Aztec tacos were just maize made into a tortilla with meat, which means they were different from our tacos. But they both have the same basic idea. We have more toppings and different kinds of meat in our tacos. We have meats like pork, beef, and chicken, and toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and sour cream.

Although there are many similarities between Aztec’s food and mexican food, there are also many things different. The Aztec diet was very healthy, it included mostly veggies, fruit, and grain as opposed to modern day Mexican food that is not as healthy because they have many desserts, like churros and different kinds of cake. The Aztecs mainly ate maize (corn), which can grow everywhere (most of the time) compared to the wider range of food choices in modern day mexico. In modern day mexico they eat lots of new foods that the aztecs didn’t have, like papaya and other exotic fruits.

My conclusion is, there are more things similar than different between the Aztec food and Mexican food. I think Mexican food and Aztec food both have lots of things in common.

The Aztec Demise (text structure: Cause and effect article)

There are several reasons for the demise of the Aztecs. One of the reasons was due to disease killing off thousands of the people. Another cause for the demise was the Aztecs were hated by many civilizations because of how many people they sacrificed. Consequently, many people were determined to take the aztecs down. But the main cause for the demise was a Spaniard named Cortes, who was determined to take over the famous Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. Because of Cortes, the Aztecs were taken over.

Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba was the first european to visit Mexican territory. He arrived in Yucatan with three ships and 100 men. In 1519, Francisco told a Spaniard named Cortes about the Aztec civilization and its riches. Because of the Aztecs riches and superior numbers, Cortes formed alliances with people who hated the Aztecs and convinced them to go to war, since he wanted money and the control of the aztecs. Cortes, his people, and other native alliances took down Montezuma, Tenochtitlan’s ruler, and gained control of Tenochtitlan.

Even though the Aztecs had more people, the Spaniards had better weapons. As a result of this, they were able to easily take control of Tenochtitlan. After they took over, the spaniards held a ritual dance ceremony in order to celebrate their success. At the ceremony they killed Montezumas nobles. Later on Montezuma was killed while he was in custody. Montezumas nephew took over the empire and drove the Spaniards out, yet the spaniards had help from the natives, and their plan to take over worked accordingly. As a result of this, the Spaniards took over Tenochtitlan for good, and Cortes made Tenochtitlan into Mexico city.

Also, after Cortes took over, A different Spanish army came to Mexico city to make sure Cortes would follow orders. Cortes didn’t like that and started a war. This lead to the other spaniards invading the city. The other Spaniards (the cubans) had an african being held a slave, and the slave had smallpox. The smallpox spread quickly causing thousands of people to die. The smallpox killed off most of the Aztecs that were still left from the war. The aztecs had so many people, but nevertheless, the spaniards easily took over.

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