Gerald Earl Gillium

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Personal life

Gerald was born May 24 1989 he is 25 years old. Gerald was bor in California and he has a younger brother named James that plays the trumpet. Geralds birth sign is Gemini. Gerald joined his first rap group bay boyz as a teen. Gerald is a hip hop artist who is best known for his 2011 cover of the '60s. Geralds favorite food is mac n cheese.


Gerald is an American rapper/songwriter and producer born and raised in Oakland California. Gerald has released numerous mixtapes and eps but his most recent release is his debut label studio these things happen. Geralds mixtapes have spawned viral singles like runaround sue which has garrered over five million views on youtube.


As a young kid Gerald used to shoot bmx videos in middle school he would also edit and press the videos on vhs tapes ad gave them to his friends.Gerald did get into some trouble as a tee and he had an ankle monitor for 6 months.


Geralds mom was a single mother who moved her childre with her grandparents. Gerald lived in a house full of family members. His aunt and uncle formed a band called the new easy devils. The band was a rock band they would rehearse in the basement. A large part of geralds musical influence was the beatles. Geralds mother was a big fa and she raised him with that kind of music.


Gerald wants to keep going with his music. His challenges are to get better at his music.