Laborers Loath Laws

Tragedy Strikes All

I was a laborer for a decade and recently lost my job due to the tragedy of the Great Depression. I worked as a farmer and owned private land where I would grow crops to sell and feed my family as well as soil to build a house on and call home. Once the Great Depression struck, my business completely dropped to almost zero income salary. Everyone lost their jobs and were broke and living on the streets. No one could afford enough money to buy any of my harvested crops. Soon I had to lower my prices extravagantly to about one cent but it was not enough to pay the bills. Unfortunately the day came very quickly where all of my dedication I put into the farm was ripped from my fingertips faster than I could blink. My family and I were thrown on to the streets. We had to sleep in parks, sewer pipes or anywhere we could find and even had to wrap ourselves in newspaper to fight off the harsh cold. Some of my Latino and African American friends were even deported by the federal government. My family and I went days without eating or drinking and the whole town turned into one giant riot and people began to crowd outside of banks demanding for their money that was supposedly being "protected." I feel that unemployment should have certain benefits that would keep a roof over our heads and food on our plate. I would have desired paid unemployment for a limited amount of time until I could locate another job and get back on my feet. Also, if the banks would be able to loan me enough money where I am able to pay my bills so my family and I would have a safe place to come home to. Programs should have been established to house families in need and take care of basic necessities. I wish to soon return to my rustic way of life with a steady income and can only hope that everyone will learn from this tragic Great Depression so history never repeats itself.