Solar Management Device (SMD)

Convert Your existing Inverter into Solar Inverter with SMD

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  • The Best way to reduce your electricity bill
  • Have dependable Power back up
  • Proudly contribute to environment

Device Details

Solar management device, shortly SMD enables any of your general purpose inverter to be converted and functioned as a solar inverter. SMD is introduced for the first time in the world. Let us explore this new product.

With the help of SMD, you do not need to waste or dump your existing inverter bought with hundreds of perks. All you need is just plug the cable to the unit of SMD, instead of your regular conventional power supply. With just switching to the new mains, all the operation is taken care by the Solar Management Unit, which does not even let you notice the difference with the new system installed.

All you need is solar panels and Solar Management Device to make this new solar alternative power to be installed and used on regular basis. Just follow simple steps which are not difficult to lay man also.

1. Install the solar panels above the roof of your building.

2. Connect the PV inputs to the input socket of the SMD.

3. Now connect the battery terminals of SMD to the battery bank. This battery banks work as bank for power.

The solar energy collected from the solar radiation is converted into the electrical energy and is stored in the batteries.

Solar Management Device is self sufficient DC power system run with solar energy. The best applications to use them are for indoor applications like at home and also outdoor applications like street lights etc.

Apart from the monthly reduced electricity bills and more dependable extra back up, the satisfaction of contribution towards being environment friendly is extra.