"How Did I Get Here?"

Amnesia Due to Drug Use- Connor McClure and Nash Taylor

Why we chose this topic:

We chose this topic in order to further understand the side effects, amnesia specificly, of most drugs out there. There is a possibility in every persons life they come into contact with drugs be it alcohol or meth. Understanding the drugs and their effect on the body can help us make better decisions and maybe even help out others who have consumed said drugs.

Amnesia Due to Drug Use

Our topic mainly covers the effects of abusing drugs that may have the probability of sparking amnesia inside of an individual. This presentation will cover a few drugs that are known to induce amnesia inside of people.

The Brain

When taking drugs, there is a lot going on in the brain such as an increased production of chemicals that vary from drug to drug, as well as different parts of the brain being used and failing. Drugs like cocaine will increase the level of the chemical dopamine in your brain, drowning it in the feel-good chemical. Drugs like antidepressants are known to damage memory by blocking receptors in the Central Nervous System therefore inducing amnesia. Any drug that blocks receptors in the Nervous System has the potential to cause amnesia.

Drug Amnesia's discovery

There were many people behind the discovery of drug induced amnesia. Most were conducted in laboratories by various scientists on their patients, giving them a certain drug and analyzing its side effects.

Other Interesting Stuff

Many prescription drugs have the chance of causing a drug induced amnesiac state, so take the amount prescribed on the bottle. If you want to know more visit http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/9673.php for more information.
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