Gillespie County Airport

Interesting Facts

1) In 1945 the airport had a bond issue, which went to the public for a vote. Out of 1265 people the vote passed by 19 votes.
2)The airport used to have 3 runways but they decided to get rid of 2 and keep the main one.
3)The fuel for airplanes is around $4.5-$5.0 a gallon.
4)When a helicopter lands it can cause the other planes to move around even if they are properly tied down, but being tied down decreases the amount they move.
5)The airport has an average of 30-40 planes come in and out eachday.
6)Last year the airport recorded selling their record of most fuel sold, which was 290,000 gallons.


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The challenge was hard. River just finished hitting 5 trick shots in a row. Tristan had finished longboarding down a treacherous hill. Jadon had just got done riding with his dad in his sports car going 120 mph down a mountain. They all knew what they had to do. They had to find the best hiding place for there small Tupperware box. Jadon thought it would be cool to hide it in a fast super car, but River said it had to be a historic place. River thought it would be cool to put it at LBJ park, but Jadon said it wasn't hidden enough and would be to obvious. So Tristan had the bright idea to put it at the Gillespie County Airport. At the time he obviously didn't know it was called that (he forgot the name of our county lol) so he felt stupid when we told him it was Gillespie. Mrs. Z thought that would be perfect, so we started on our journey. The day we were supposed to go to the airport was a disaster. Jadon was sick and Tristan said that Austin was to stressful and he forgot his pass, so the only people to go were River and Tyler (Tyler is the traitor that left us) and they were the only ones to get the info. They found the perfect spot where it would be well hidden and kids wouldn't get hit by planes. Once we hid it, River went to go hit 10 more trick shots, Tristan bought a brand new longboard, and Jadon is getting is still getting scary ideas about going faster in the car.