Ms. Mac's Memos


Events for the week...


  • 8:00-9:00 SILT meeting (Panther's Den)
  • 9:00-3:00 SILT Team- Professional Development for leading PLCs (Panther's Den)


  • Super Specials Kindergarten and 5th


  • School pictures (for students and staff)
  • 12:00-3:00 Video shoot for "Kicking it with Kale" October Farm to School month. The video will be taped primarily in the garden area. Please ask students to be quiet going in and out for recess.

Macs Monthly Missions...

This is the last week to complete this month's mission for the month of August and earn your jeans passes. If you need help, please swing by my office and I can help you create a Twitter account.

Also, feel free to look at other people's tweets following the #macsmonthlymission and #ParkStreetAllIn to see some great ideas and cool things happening in our school.

Super Specials...

Due to conference week, Fall Break, and MAP testing we will not have Super Specials in September.

We will resume Super Specials in October on TUESDAYS instead of Thursdays in order to ensure we can consistently have four classes instead of three. We working on a new schedule and will send it out after we have worked out the "kinks."

Our last Super Specials on Thursdays will be this week.

PLCs starts this week...

Our first official PLC meetings begin this week. Please plan to meet with your PLC team on Wednesday from 3:45-4:45.


If you have not had your pre-conferences yet as a grade level or team, please reach out to me to schedule a time to meet. We can come to you during lunch or planning.

School Calendar

Attached is our school's master calendar for the year (so far). We have a few more dates to add in and will send paper copies to go in the Thursday ROAR folders.

Developing a Mission and Vision for Park Street

Don't forget to complete the form and share feedback to help us develop a vision and mission statement for Park Street.