How To Survive

Rescuing Techniques

Stranded With Others

If you become stranded with multiple people, the first thing to do would be to tend to the injured. Next you have to make sure that you gather your food and water before it becomes night or too late. Before it gets to dark, make sure you find fuel to start a fire before it becomes to cold. If you have to, and it may be a discusting and horrible thought, but burning a dead persons body will keep the fire going and rotting corpses attract animals.

Stranded in Ocean

The most important thing is to stay afloat. If the water is calm, stay on your back to keep your head afloat and try not to swim around. If the water is rough, lay face down in the water so your body is afloat and come as you need air. Keep calm and still and try not to swim around to much.

Attract a Resquing Plane

The best ways to attract a rescuing crew would be to:

1. Start a fire. The smoke will travel up into the air. Planes can see big fires from the sky. The more fires you have to more chances you have for them to find you. But only light fires at night (unless it is too cold). Fires cannot be see to well with the sun in the sky.

2. Use a mirror. During the day if the sun is high enough in the sky, use a mirror to reflect the suns light back into the sky. If a plane is coming, this is the perfect oppertunity to hit the planes pilot windows with the rays of the sun. If done right it should attract their attention.

3. SOS. Save Our Souls. SOS is a universal distress term. 3 Short 3 Long 3 Short. Repeat. If you have a flashlight, at night, raise the flashlight to the sky and let out three short term beams of light then three long and then another three short beams, then repeat. If anyone is to see this, they will know someone is in danger whether the person seeing it is a regular citizen or a part of the rescuing crew they will know someone needs help.

4. Writing in the sand. Writing something in big letters in the sand is a good way to attract someones attention from the air. Find a stick and write something that would indicate that you need help. Whether it be HELP or SOS whatever you would like.