Weekly Warrior Bulletin

February 5, 2016


Debbie Blackwell ~ February 7

Be Good to Your Heart!

Simple changes can make a big difference! Here are some ideas for getting started:

  • Talk to your doctor about ways to control high blood pressure.
  • Add physical activity to your daily routine.
  • Make heathy eating swaps, such as using fresh or dried herbs and spices instead of salt.
  • Quit smoking.


We the People is selling polo shirts to raise money for Nationals. Shirts are $25 each. Checks payable to BHS. Money due by Friday, February 26. Order form in the PLC.


Please don't forget to submit your social committee dues and any additional donations you'd like to submit for our wonderful retirees.

What's in a Name?

Why “School Counselor” and not “Guidance Counselor”?

“Guidance Counselor”

Fearing that the U.S was losing the space race and in response to Russians launching Sputnik into space in 1957, as well as the creation of the National Defense Education Act in 1958, schools were called upon to encourage students to pursue fields in math and science.

The “Guidance Counselor” concept was initially developed for teachers to provide vocational assistance with no specialized training.

The term “guidance counselor” refers to an individual without the same level of training as Professional School Counselors

  • “Guidance Counselors” do not provide standards-based instruction
  • Narrow focus on science and math
  • Serves some students, not all students
  • Answered the question: “What do school counselors do?”

The 1960s/1970s, began a shift away from a focus exclusively on career development to include a focus on student personal and social issues.

A shift to strategic and systemic goals of providing a comprehensive developmental school counseling program for all students.

“School Counselors” provide:

  • Comprehensive
  • Data-driven
  • Developmental guidance programs

Focus on:

  • Academic achievement
  • Social/emotional development
  • Career readiness

  • Based on national models and national & state standards
  • School counselors, as primary advocates for students, collaborate, consult, coordinate, counsel, guide, refer, support, teach, provide in-services, connect with parents, network, seek educational equity for all, while recognizing the need for systemic changes necessary to allow that to occur
  • Serves all students, not some students
  • Answers the question: “How are students different as a result of what school counselors do?”

4th Period Fire Drill

Don't forget to review lunch time fire drill procedures with your 4th period because one is coming . . . ! Where will you meet your class if they are in the cafeteria?

Celebrate Our Best

Please click here to nominate a student for Student of the Week for the Valley Citizen!

Save the Date

1/13-2/29: ELL ACCESS Testing Window (See Mrs. Lopez with questions)

2/8-10: Academy Interviews at BOM

Tue 2/9: No Collaborative CFIP - stay tuned

Thu 2/11: SIT Meeting, 7:45 am

2/11-13 : Drama Production - Variety Show!

2/22-3/18: SRI Window

2/23: PTCA meeting

2/24: Blood Drive - We are encouraging staff to donate. Sarah Hamilton will send out information on a new app to speed up the process for teachers.

2/26: Anti-drug / bullying assembly during 3rd period for the entire student body (adjusted schedule)

Don't miss these great learning opportunities for YOU!

WCPS Professional Development

Don't miss out on improving your practice! WCPS is offering all kinds of professional learning opportunities. Click here to see your options and register.


See the most up to date schedule at this link!
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Kudos to Mrs. Michelle for her ideas and help for my period 5 darlings

Kudos to Mrs. Burley for letting me use her room for lab period 5

Thanks to Debbie Blackwell and the Life Skills class for making and serving a delicious lunch to our speaker.

Kudos to all the staff who took the time to acknowledge the Counselors during National School Counseling Week.

Kudos to Beth Bell for showing kindness to a parent who was going through a loss!

Kudos to Mindy Welty for bring lunch to a co-worker!

Kudos to Adam Parry for doing “extended hall duty”

Thanks to Mischelle Colella for helping with Writing Center logistics.

Thanks to Dani Mcdonald for dealing with a difficult student this week.

Thanks to Chris Baran, Jason Orendi, Max Shaffer, Chris Spaid, Alex Weakland, Starlene Hamilton, Dawn Spitzer and Debbie Blackwell for supporting the guest speaker from the Pratt Library. Your students were well behaved and attentive.

Thank you to Justin Baker, Mark Wadel and Kelly Steiner and their students for graciously agreeing to change lunch shifts so that our speaker could give his presentation without an interruption for lunch.

Thank you to our wonderful counseling staff – you are amazing!

Thank you to our custodial staff who took on the enormous task of clearing the way for us to return to school.

Thanks to Michelle Baranowski for helping with a class disruption.

Kudos to Beth Bell for boxtops and loving all of us so much!

Thank you so much to Viki, Beth Stitely, Beth Bell, Matt Wink, Bethanne Radomski, the SGA, the English Department, the NHS, the Social Committee and the FEA for making National School Counseling Week so special. You have truly spoiled us this week!

Thank you the wonderful staff at BHS for all of your kind words this week and for supporting what we do in the School Counseling Office.