tim berners-lee

by maia dean

he is a computer scientist

about him

Timothy John Berners Lee was born on 8 June 1955 and grew up in London. He studied physics at Oxford University and became a software engineer.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web

In June 2009 then British Prime Minister gordan brownannounced Berners-Lee would work with the UK Government to help make data more open and accessible on the Web, building

Once the number of users on the Web hit a certain point, its functionality, and hence its mass appeal, began to skyrocket. Scientists and other researchers discovered that it was easier to post information once, on their website, rather than to continually answer email questions and repost to Internet groups

Awards: MacArthur Fellowship, Marconi Prize, Charles Stark Draper Prize, Mountbatten Medal, President's Medal