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Moving Water

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The resources in this newsletter are in addition to those found in MODULE 6: Moving Water of your course content. You should first go through the content and complete the quizzes and activities. These resources are to supplement your understanding of the concepts. Please contact me if you have questions!


Project: Current Mapping

  • The instructions for this assignment are on page 6 of the module.
  • Please check this rubric for this project so you know exactly what you need to do to earn full credit.
  • Your actual project (NOT A LINK!) MUST been uploaded to the dropbox folder.

    NOTE: if a link to an external website is provided in lieu of a submission to the dropbox folder, the grade on the ENTIRE assignment is ZERO.

Lab: High Tide or Low Tide

  • The instructions for this assignment are on page 6 of the module.

Lab: Making Waves

  • The instructions for this assignment are on page 6 of the module.
  • This lab requires a LAB REPORT. Please review the How to Make a Lab Report video on page 4 of the Oceanography as Science Module.
  • This video also helps describe how to make a lab report.
  • Do not forget to cite your sources. If the source comes from the internet, you must provide a link to the page where you found the information used in your project. For example "Google.com" is not an acceptable "link" to a source. "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ocean" is acceptable, as it takes you directly to a page (see the end of the video embedded below for more clarification on this).

Discussion: Tsunami

  • There are several tsunami myths that you can now bring truth to. Look at the following myths and shed some light with facts.

    • Tsunamis are single waves. Once it is gone you are safe.
    • There is not much you can do to avoid a tsunami
    • You can surf a tsunami
    • Tsunamis are giant walls of water
    • The at-sea height of a tsunami reveals their power

    Counter at least 2 of these myths with scientific fact and respond to the post of 2 other classmates.

  • Use the RUBRIC to help you write a discussion posting that will earn full points.
  • You MUST respond to two classmates with responses that are AT LEAST 3 sentences in order to earn full credit. "I agree with..." or "I disagree with..." is not enough to earn full points for a response. You must say why you agree or disagree and back up your reasoning.

Test: Moving Water

  • Please review your notes and complete the review resources on page 7 of the module before starting your test.

Additional Resources